X-Men: Apocalypse – Full Film Breakdown and Review – Illuminati Symbolism

Full film breakdown and review of X-Men Apocalypse. My thoughts on the underlying meaning of the film and how it connects into other ideas presented by hollywood.



  1. I like your analysis of the movie, although I saw something you’ve might of
    missed. What I perceived from it, was how God is the bad guy, as Apocalypse
    suggest he has many names & YHWY is one of them, he also referred the Tower
    of Babel how humans would shoot arrows into the sky, meaning he is God up
    there (as it written, I think in Jubilee) & of course gets defeated by the
    risen Phoenix or Jean, basically it’s twisted AF ..sorry bad grammar Lol

  2. Wolverine has 2 horns like the devil. Cyclops is 1 eye.. like all seeing
    eye. Storm is like lightning or the devil falling like lightning from
    heaven. Juggernaut is an unstoppable penis.. his helmet is shaped like a
    penis. Magneto is just using a big refrigerator magnet on his head.

    P.S. My favorite villain or bad guy from X men was always Sinister.. then
    second was Omega Red. None of which has shown up in X men. 3rd villain was

    There is also Xmen where they visit the prehistoric time, and there is a
    teradactal man.. that was kinda cool.

  3. Its funny but the Pyramid represents saturn, the Xmen logo represents
    saturn, and the anti christ is saturn. yet you dont seem to mention any of
    that in the video. Thats why its called the Golden Age of Saturn. The
    pyramid is black for a reason. The x men logo is breaking apart for the
    same reason we see Order out of Chaos, or out of chaos establish order.
    Still no mention of that in the video, or the Hegelian dialectic of picking
    sides between 2 evils, there is no good. Even man is no good.
    Also another thing i find funny is how you flash the eye as your logo at
    the beginning of the clip the same logo you “truthers” are exposing. Whats
    up with that?

  4. This is the modern temp- EL, wasting time on watching satanic brainwashing.
    The only way to rid yourself from this mess is to study the Word of God.
    Satan hates when you learn about the Most high, but I bet he loves it when
    your learning about his wicked ways.

  5. Metatrons cube is on the capstone as well as some Sumerian cuneiform. One
    of the biggest esoteric things I noticed was that Egyptians who
    double-cross Apocalypse (a secret order themselves) use monoliths adorned
    with the Djed pillar to destroy and collapse the pyramid onto the “false
    god”. The Djed is the symbol of the Djedi, Djedhi, or Jedi. The Jedi are
    the earliest esoteric order of magicians not to say they don’t go back
    farther. Freemansons still use the 33 to represent the spine another symbol
    of the Djed or middle pillar of Kabbalah and the kundalini. The opening
    went by very fast but I think their was much more I didn’t notice.

  6. I wonder what was meant by Apocalypse at the end when he said “All is
    revealed.” I think it may have been the usual “ruling elites” karmic
    avoidance of responsibility by saying they just revealed to the world their
    intentions in this and other films. So if the public does nothing after
    being warned, then they accept what is coming.

  7. okay, that voice in the beginning of the video was so uncalled for. I was
    wearing my headphones and it was really loud, wtf

  8. Saw it yesterday, wasn’t half bad, especially the quicksilver scene…
    maybe sometimes you can do longer analysis’s cause their was a lot more in
    this film you could’ve broke down.

  9. They upped their game with Quicksilver and not so much with Apocalypse.
    Anyways great review. We did a review on the movie too. Would be great to
    know what you think about it :)

  10. Nice video, just subbed friend… will get round to checking out your other
    video’s!! Keep up the good fight, take care & be safe :-)

  11. Apocalypse was Satan in the movie. He literally said “I go by many
    names”I’m a GOD”I set humanity free at the beginning”.


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