Worldbreaker Hulk Vs Iron Man’s Hulkbuster (World War Hulk Vol 1: Homecoming)

“World War Hulk” is a comic book crossover storyline that ran through a self-titled limited series and various titles published by Marvel Comics in 2007, featuring the Hulk.

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  1. hi rob the reason why hulk is more powerful is the hulk took the full blast
    of the ship exploding where is wife died and it was a gamma in the blast

  2. Grate Vid I Love Would War Hulk He’s Awesome… I Love This Story Line It’s
    My Most Favorite Hulk Story Line… From Avatars Civil War 1 Threw 3 &
    Galactus War 1 Threw 3 , To Planet Hulk To World War Hulk All The Way To
    Skar Son Of Hulk & Agents Of Smash.. Can Talk More About This Story Line &
    Oh Yeh Btw/By The Way Can You Talk More About Skarr The Son Of Hulk?.. Dose
    Hulk Find Out That He Has A Son & Dose He Meat Skarr & Dose Skarr Find Out
    That Hulk Is His Farther ?… What Happens Next?

  3. good job I watched all three of these volumes. very nice not many people
    truly appreciate and understand comics like I do keep up the good work bro

  4. Wasn’t there a part where Ghost Rider attempts to stop the Hulk only for
    him to leave because Ghost Rider only avenges the innocent or something
    like that?

  5. we all always knew Hulk was the strongest there was, he was Marvel’s
    Superman. But this story did away with him be “potentially unstoppable” and
    made him actually unstoppable. We always knew it was possible based on him
    lifting 150 billion tons in Secret Wars and here he puts that power to
    use… on people’s faces!

  6. Why hasn’t Tony with all his resources and intellect ever made a suit out
    of Adamantium?! That would fucking stop the hulk

  7. i have this series as comics plus all the tie-ins. im a big banner hulk
    fan. i mostly ready dc now. my three favorite heros are superman, hulk, and
    cyclops. those were the 3 i was into as a kid. i remember very young
    watching the old George Reeves Superman reruns with I Love Lucy when i was
    like 4. back in the 80’s. than i remember lou ferrigno hulk tv show. i
    thought adam west batman was…. girly sissy anyways, it was lame.


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