Who Is Man-thing?! Official Marvel Trailer Explanation!

The comic can be found here.

This video was sent to me by Marvel to promote their new series. As long time viewers of this channel know, I always publish the Trailers sent to me as I feel you guys should be aware of the new comics as they are coming out and we should be promoting comic book publishers attempts to break into Digital Media.
The comic can be found here.

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  1. for those of you who are saying man thing is a rip off of swamp thing, man things first appearance was may of 1971 swamp things first appearance was July of 1971. So if anything swamp thing is the rip off.

  2. All the fanboys saying dc ripped off man thing making swamp thing, they were both roommates man thing released just 2 months before because the comic was done sooner it was a let’s do a similar comic and see which one done better which guess what swamp thing did, so please do some research before you come out with bullocks , i much prefer dc, but I appreciate all comics and all artists if it’s a good story and good art then I don’t care who publish it, I just personally prefer dc characters and storylines I’m so sick of fanboys coming forward with stuff they know nothing about trying to defend a publisher because they’ve seen a few avengers movies or BVS…..

  3. you really have no clue on comic books. the author of swamp thing(Len Wein) made heros like wolvarine. while his roomate(Roy Thomas) / co creator of man thing made nothin original so far. he brought conan to comics..he didnt even make it. which tells how original he is.
    also swamp thing won the best writer that year while man thing got jack shit. technically they managed to release it before swamp thing got released but time clearly told why swamp thing is famous and no1 is knew man thing existed.


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