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Wolverine and Sabretooth have had a long and dark relationship in the X-Men movie franchise. With Logan and Victor debuting together in the first X-Men film, and sharing the spotlight again in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, fans wondered if Sabretooth would show up in LOGAN. Unfortunately, he didn’t, which has led many theories about the character. Is Sabretooth dead? Is he alive and gambling somewhere? Today, we’re going to explain exactly what happened to Sabertooth during LOGAN!


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  1. *Couple of things:*
    1) Premiere gave me TONS of problems with this video. There are editing errors all over the place starting from the first second. I apologize for that. The video was already late, and I think the content itself can carry the video despite all the issues.
    2) THERE ARE NO LOGAN SPOILERS IN THIS VIDEO! (Y’know, other than the fact that Sabretooth isn’t in the movie. But if you are super sensitive to spoilers, I’m sure you’ll tell me I’m wrong and that I spoiled a huge part of the movie somehow. I don’t know.)
    3) Did I mention the editing errors? They are abundant. Crazy colors and missing media. Yikes.
    4) Uh… the end?

  2. you guys forgeting that victor healing factor is much stronger than logan 2029 i mean if logan who who had a vey weak hf was able to survive the seizure from charles so can victor creed especcially since creed doesnt have the adamntium (poison) in his body

  3. x men 2 the movie and comics is no longer canon and also x men origin wolverine since wolverine went back in time so no canon


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