Venom & Scarlet Spider In MINIMUM CARNAGE! PT1 – Complete Story

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Carnage is back … and bigger ain’t necessarily better! Scarlet Spider and Venom collide as the hunt for Carnage begins, taking both heroes to a place you’ll never believe: the Microverse! Cletus Kasady has found a whole new world to terrorize – and, stranded on this alien planet, Scarlet Spider and Venom must work together to defeat him! But can the volatile heroes get along? Flash Thompson may not know who the Scarlet Spider is, but does the Venom symbiote? And can Scarlet triumph over the monster within himself in time to face the monstrous Carnage?

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  1. I understand why Agent Venom asked for Scarlet Spider’s help as SS operates
    in Euston but why didn’t Flash ask help from a superhero who knew about the
    Microverse like Ant-Man?

  2. I don’t know much about Scarlet Spider but i thought he was Ben Reilly and
    that Kane was some one different entirely? Granted, while I like super
    heroes and comic story lines, I don’t actually read them. So maybe I’m just
    very out of the loop.

  3. Don’t end Agent Venom! You should do the whole run of Flash Thompson as
    Venom. Agent Venom, Thunderbolts, when he joined the Guardians, and then
    Space Venom! After that you should start All new All different Venom! Just
    my opinion


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