Upcoming Superhero Movies of 2016 – EPIC TRAILER! (Deadpool, Batman v. Superman, Civil War & more)


by HeroesUnited: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFR3_j239e3oa_q1vbOZJzg

Here are all Upcoming Superhero movies 2016-2020 lineup we have been waiting for. Which upcoming movie is your favourite ?



  1. Batman vs Superman vs Captain America civil war… They basically leaked what's going to happen In BvS, So I'm disappointed. How ever civil hasn't reveal that much of what will happen their upcoming movie yet, plus I like Marvel alot more then dc,my guess is that BvS will be rushed, Shitty plot, Shitty actors, good fight scenes at least, they'll try to capture every dc hero at the end of the credits and reveal a glimpse of the justice league, and yeah. But first time in forever dc is making a movie based off their two (maybe 3 depending on how big wonder woman's part is) iconic heros.Superman will win over all though, let's be honest. but other then that, I can't wait to see the marvel films, and the Fox Xmen movie. Idk much about suicide Squad.. The Joker looks like a fucked in the face Miley Cyrus, so…

  2. if 2016 was a movie this would be the trailer. the perfect time to be a comic book fan. the perfect time to be a comic book movie fan.

  3. My predictions,Batman V Superman is a huge hit and brings back faith to dc. Some critics will bash it but the general audience will fall in love.Civil war does well and establishes spiderman in the mcu nicely. The general audience loves it.Deadpool pleases its fanbase but the critics bash it for being too stupid. General audiences are split on how they feel about the character but he quicklyBecomes beloved as a meme on the internet.Suicide squad is like guardians and becomes a famous film, the best one of the year.Doctor strange is a decent film but does a great job with magic in the mcu.Apocalypse is better than the last film but doesnt live up to its hype.Gross estimationsBatman v Superman $1.4 billionCivil war $1.2 billionSuicide Squad $850 millionApocalypse $800 millionDeadpool $750 millionDoctor Strange $600 million


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