Ultimate Spider-man ‘The Black Suit’ – Complete Story

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  1. Yo B! Those short animations in the beginning are awesome! It would be awesome if you kept the wolverine one strictly for your x-men related vids! Make a spiderman one for the spidey vids!

  2. That would be so cool if they had glimpses of a Spider-Man in this new Venom movie but didn’t get introduced directly to him outside of seeing him once or twice, or perhaps if they went a darker route and had Spider-Man killed at some point. I would love if they made Venom and Spidey into a more 90’s themes suits and style. Spidey with the larger bright white eyes, and Venom with the deadliest look in any incarnation of him.

  3. Can someone explain to me how / where Gwen Stacy comes into the story? Are mary jane and gwen in seperate universes?

  4. I personally don’t like it that the symbiote is not an alien, i like the alien concept.
    Although I am a crazy person, and there is life on earth, That *kind of* resembles a Symbiote, just some GMO and there we go a real life symbiote that gives, mammal hosts, Super Strength. I think the shape shifting atribute of the Symbiote in the comics, will be very hard to replicate in real life. It would most likely live in your blood stream.And yea you would have to bond with it.

    The life form like a symbiote that actually exists in real life, is a fungus. That can figure itself out of a maze, get nutrients effecianttly , its very fascinating, although the fungus is Green/Yellow. i would prefer a darker color. But if it can only be green than id be fine with that.

  5. not liking these parts. think i am done with your channel. not going to wait rather watch full episode of tv show than this now.

  6. +Comicstorian Just a thought to take in consideration regarding the next
    story of Venom, consider using the same style you used for Green Goblin
    when his voice and hallucinations sounded hazy and stretched. For
    instance the voice of Venom from the Ultimate Spider-man Video Game


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