Ty the Tasmanian Tiger by Kythol in 1:01:58 – SGDQ 2016 – Part 74



  1. Tbh, if you can’t handle the nerves, just don’t do the event. It’s not
    worth shitting on an entire charity event. Just stay at home until you can
    grow the fuck up.

  2. this guy has that “rainbowdash is the best pony to see when I’m licking the
    cheeto dust off my keyboard” voice and personality and appearance

  3. Hey kythol, amazing run! Good clean and professional. I hope GDQ invites
    you back for any other games you speedrun. You have great taste in speedrun

    I’d like to address the amount of dislikes and comments. No idea why there
    are so many dislikes. He played a clean game, killed a few in pacifist, but
    he didn’t waste any time. And by that i mean, any egregious mistakes like
    going for a 1 second time save jump and having to go through a load screen
    to go back to a checkpoint and replay the same part more carefully.

  4. I played this game as a kid and recently picked it back up again to %100
    it. I noticed you can edge-cancel a bite, or if you space it correctly the
    bite will teleport you down until you reach the next flooring below you.
    idk if that would be useful anywhere, other than tiny time-spaced

  5. also I don’t like the way this guy talks. maybe I’ll pick up this game on
    PC and run it so someone better will be there to run it. would the same
    tricks be possible?

  6. 5000 dollars down the drain… would say a great run but its void for one
    because you know… pacifist. and he missed a thunder egg, like how? as a
    speedrunner this guy sucks


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