Top 5 Female Joker Cosplays


If you are a Comic-Con nerd, then it is pretty typical to see a man dressed up as The Joker, even though many of them really aren’t that great!

That’s why it’s particularly exciting to see women attempt the “Clown Prince of Crime” from time to time to shake things up. More often then not the ladies will dress up as Harley Quinn, which is a solid choice as well but we like to give props to those who take up the challenge that is The Joker.

It is for this reason that we decided to select our top 5 cosplay women that have gone crazy by becoming one of the greatest super villains of all time.

5. Smirk with subtle makeup

anna quinn

There is just something about that smirk that really brings the whole look together. The makeup is done very tastefully and is not overboard. We do like the sloppy Joker makeup look however in many cases an artful touch is the way to go. The colors on this outfit are great and the shiny latex look gives it a unique touch that you often do not see. This is the kind of girl you would probably make your girlfriend because she is not 100% crazy yet. Well, most women are totally nuts but this girl seems like she might be a bit of fun!

4. Creepy, doll look

girl jester

This look totally captures the absolute madness behind the character. It just gives you the chills and doesn’t try to do too much. The lip makeup and eye makeup really drive this one home, as you can’t even really tell if that is a happy smile or a sad face! The hair accessories are a nice touch and really add a feminine edge to what is normally a fairly masculine character.

3. Dominating Green Hair

green hair

This looks is fantastic because the hair is so damn prominent…and green! The Joker is famous for his green hair but a girl loves to wear her hair long and proud. The colors of the outfit also go very well with the long hair, with a nice purple and gold ensemble that doesn’t compete too hard. The subtle bow tie that matches the green hair is great addition that almost gets lost among those lushes locks.

2. Classic and straight to the point woman joker smiling

This girl brings forth an outstanding effort that is tasteful all around. The suit is absolutely gorgeous and her makeup is damn near perfect. Another girl that knows how to smirk, it makes you wonder if she is actually crazy in real life! This look also tones down the hair color which can be a nice touch, especially if the rest of the costume is so spot on. She was making her rounds and became popular at a Comic-Con event and her popularity continues to grow!

  1. Perfection

perfect joker

Sure, there might be some serious camera tricks and Photoshop going on here, but damn, this look is absolutely perfect! From the makeup to the hair, to the incredible suit, this girl is the queen of all female joker cosplay. I am not sure there is anyone out there that will be able to compete with this lovely lady!

This post is in honor of what appears to be a new character in an upcoming season of Gotham. It would be great to see a woman play the part and do it well, but not try to be an exact copy of the classic Jokers played by Jack Nicholson or Heath Ledger. Only time will tell, so until then, make sure you tell a lot of jokes and laugh every day!



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