Top 10 Worst Superman Villains W/ Greg Miller

The Man of Steel has fought some pretty strange opponents over the years…
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Huge thanks to Greg Miller and Kinda Funny for joining us on this episode. Check out more of their content over at

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  1. SLEEZ! my favorite DC character! he’s actually very interesting to think
    about the possiblities he’d have if they kept him around as the sleezeball
    he is.

  2. uh nick did you forget that doomsday is pretty much immortal I mean when
    ever he is brought back to life he gains an immunity to what ever killed
    him last, heck he’s even survived 1 million nukes, and do you not remember
    how cyborg superman destroyed coast city

  3. I’d like to get something off my chest about this: I do like Doomsday, but
    I’ve also accepted that there are better Superman villains (like Luthor,
    Darkseid, Zod, and Braniac). Nick makes a good point in that it would have
    been better for Lex to gain ultimate victory (even if it would most likely
    be temporary, like it was when Doomsday killed Supes).

  4. yess sombody finally agrees that doomsday is not a good villain he was just
    something to make superman comic sales go up (the death of superman) I
    would had brought the comic book too

  5. I’m sorry but how is Doomsday’s origin bad?

    from what I heard that sounds so demented evil and badass quite frankly
    kill yourself

  6. idiots

    and by the way Superman did have sex with big barda anyone who actually
    read the comic knows this the hate on that issue is so overrated I swear
    that issue had me dying of laughter you should have seen Mr miracles face
    after he rescued supes and barda it was truly priceless


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