TMNT VS Street Sharks | DEATH BATTLE Cast

The cast talks about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs Street Sharks, Natsu vs Ace, and Star Wars!
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  1. Oh my god these guys talk too much. Look I know u guys like to talk but don’t talk so much it takes for ever to get to the death battle that issue is spoiling death battle cast

  2. 17:15 Wait, so did they not know what they specifically tasted like or what they generally tasted like? Because devil fruits are the most reviled fruits in the world when it comes to taste, most feel like throwing up after eating a bite of one.
    22:18 Yes actually.
    36:32 It’s times like this, I wish we would get context after all is said and done. Then if it truly is messed even after we know what’s going on.
    37:52 OK SEE, I want you to do this from now on, even with context it ends up being crazy! That’s a great talking point!

  3. When they could think of who played Mark Zuckerberg all I could think of was the Game Grumps facebook thing and I think I died laughing.

  4. That’s just ridiculous. Ninja Turtles and Street Sharks are not supposed to fight each other. They are supposed to team up.

  5. You guys from death battle ARE aware of the TMNT table top role play game right? There’s stats for like everything TMNT all totally legit and backed by the original franchise.


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