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The Wolverine 2017 to be Rated R! Is Deadpool pansexual or NOT?! Fans deserve to know before the Deadpool sequel!

Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph gives you the latest movie news today! Fox says The Wolverine 2017 will be Rated R! Is that really the best move for the X-Men movies? And can Hugh Jackman and James Mangold pull that off?! Plus is Deadpool REALLY pansexual? As LGBT fans are disappointed with the first movie, what’s the realistic possibility Deadpool will have a boyfriend in the sequel? Do you want The Wolverine 2017 to be Rated-R? And are you in favor of a more pansexual Deadpool in the Deadpool sequel complete with boyfriend? Be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today!

DC Universe Online Trailer

Tim Miller & Video Games – 00:00
R-Rated Wolverine – 5:42
Ant-Man & Wasp Update – 11:53
Viewer Question – 13:47

Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!



  1. Grace’s logic is violence is acceptable but sex is evil and dirty. Gee I
    wonder why there are so many fucked up people in this country.

  2. kids weren’t put aside in 1986 with Watchman and Dark Knight Returns…
    were they? Reading spider-man comic isn’t the same thing as reading
    swamp-thing by Alan Moore and Stephen Bissete or Miracle Man. Is this a
    smart argument?

  3. Deadpool is great . But he’s nothing but a copy of DC’s Deathstroke. If Fox
    makes him gay. I’m rolling with Deathstroke movie franchise.

  4. This is like my moms opinion of my movies/videogames.
    If it’s rated R, just let it be. Kids grow up and they will see it

  5. Seems Grace is having a hard time eating her hat on the whole DP rating
    situation that she’s basically put her foot in. She’s still pushing that
    PG13 jazz. Although she has some what excepted the successful R rated of
    DP.. Biting the bullet evidently hasn’t been easy for her. She’s tripping
    over herself about SEX. Almost like an A sexual type or non-sexual type
    attitude or person. I only say this because she keeps pushing this No Sex
    in CB films as if it’s for the poor kids. I’m beginning to think it’s about
    ‘no sex’ in films for her,, more so than the kids. But yet cutting people
    up, shooting people to death, blooding & guts everywhere seems to be
    perfectly fine to her & kids. Yet a naked body is just too much to handle.
    2 naked bodies together is basically blasphemy lol of course i’m
    exaggerating but she’s really pushing this no sex thing!! what is up with
    that? We adults like adult stuff mixed in our entertainment. Not everybody
    lives in Disneyland in their minds.

  6. I just saw the Man from uncle. I have no idea graces talking about Henry
    Cavell or any gay overtones. There was a statement about some clothing and
    that was about it. There’s nothing wrong if the character was gay. But I
    didn’t see anything of the sort with in the Film or from any of the
    characters. In fact Henry had sex with a beautiful woman in the film.

  7. These movies and the actors involved everything about them is based on
    money, if the movie makes a lot of money so do the actors. by making rated
    R Wolverine movie and if it’s very successful more so than any of the
    others, I’m wondering if this would put a hold to Hugh Jackman’s departure
    from the Wolverine character. I mean hey if the money is there I’m sure so
    will Hugh.

  8. I believe the “New 52” version of Alan Scott (the original Green Lantern)
    was re-imagined as a young gay man. Might be an interesting development on
    the Flash TV show for some future visit to Earth 2 (E2). Hmm, the “speed
    dial” of the E2 Barry Allen had an entry for “Hal”, but nothing says that
    has to be Hal Jordan.


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