The Walking Dead Season 7 – Will We See the Whisperers After All?

The Walking Dead Season 7 – Will We See the Whisperers After All?

Alright what’s going on guys it’s Trev back again here to bring you another video. In this one I will be giving my thoughts on whether or not we will end up seeing the Whisperer’s after all?
The Walking Dead Season 7 – Casting Call Goes Out For Another Leader! Alpha?

New Pictures Video:

Q&A hey trev, just watched your dvd set for season 6 and you mentioned that there was 30,000 walkers well do u think that if it’s the same numbers in the comics do u thing the whisperers go lt the rest and put them in there army – Enejekdjdj Krkdjendje

hey trev Q+A : since negan has based the saviors on the new world order, would you say that if the Illuminati existed after the world ended he would be interested in being in it? lol – Clay Mcguinness

Hi Trev! Here is a Q and A question. I might have a very good idea on how they may structure out the next few seasons. I feel that they are going to keep the first 8 eps of season 7 very close to the comics and go through lots of that story. After the mid season finale, we are not going to have the biggest focus on Negan. I think Negan and the Saviors will always be around, but they may just be chilling and our group can focus on surviving. Once the mid season finale of season 8 comes, then the second half of season 8 is when Rick and everybody start to rebel against Negan and then season 9 is All Out War. What are your thoughts on this idea. – Domeeno12

Hey Trev, Did you see that Greg Nicotero slipped up in a recent Interview with Entertainment Weekly and said “Deaths” instead of death. Is this conformation that there was in fact 2 deaths or accidental? By the way new promo pictures were released showing what i think sanctuary! Thanks Trev keep up the awesome work (: – Cooper J

As always thanks for watching guys and let me know what you think about all of these AMAZING pictures!

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  1. Hi.
    I think that the role there cast ting for is beta because it sound more
    like him. I mean he does end up being the leader of the whispers not by
    choice of corse but i think maybe the girl that killed the governer. Tara’s
    sister is alpha its just a theary idk. Let me know what you think. Im a
    your biggest fan.

  2. TREV Q&A: everyone is thinking the people coming after heath and tara are
    some new random group or the whisperers…but what if its niether, what if
    its just another outpost of the saviors or even like a dwight and daryl
    situation where dwight mistakes daryl for a savior at first while hes on
    the run from them

  3. trev Q&A what group do you think is or was the most brutal? for me i felt
    like it was terminus, i know about the whisperers and the things they do
    but terminus was fucking disgusting…they were eating people!!! for some
    reason cannibalism always sets my teeth on edge

  4. I’m thinking the Whisperers will NOT be in the original Walking Dead series
    in the interests of time and the more finite nature of a TV series. Instead
    this group will be used exclusively in Fear The Walking Dead with a lot of
    the same features. Maybe these series on TV will conclude sooner than we
    think, and they will carry this over into 8-episode Netflix binge watch
    sessions as extended feature films. Thoughts? So Negan I predict will be
    the last Walking Dead TV villain, and when his big story is done so will
    the TV series. Maybe things could continue in more condensed form for other
    comic-to-TV adaptations on Netflix from that point forward. The original
    point of the Walking Dead was to show a long extended movie presentation of
    a zombie apocalypse. That same thing can be accomplished in a 8-episode
    Netflix series, with no filler whatsoever. More Walking Dead series on
    Netflix from different locations around the world would be more
    interesting. It’s nice to have Fear The Walking Dead with stuff no one has
    seen before or can easily predict, like they can with a comic.

  5. Good job as usual Trev. Q&A: Do you think it’s possible that the link
    between The Walking Dead & Fear The Walking Dead in the books could be this
    person, “Stephanie” that Eugene keeps talking to on the radio? I think that
    would be a cool way to introduce Fear into the comic universe.

  6. I hope we don’t see the Whispers yet on the show and that head on was just
    something from the Saviors. But then again it think it would be kind of
    cool to see the Saviors and the Whispers team up against Alexandria, the
    Hilltop, and the Kingdom in all out war. It would be a twist in the show
    that’s different from the comics. I think there were about 3000-4000
    walkers that made it to Alexandria. Keep up the great videos Trev. Oh by
    the way I thumbed this video the hell up.

  7. yeah, best is to not even mention rumours about spoilers. just avoid the
    topic completly so no one can get caught off guard watching your videos’
    and the “rumour” turned out to be true. :p

  8. Q&A hey Trev do u think it would be really awesome and more heartbreaking
    if when negan is lucilling the person in the premiere that each time he
    swings down on their head we see a person writing down their name down on
    the wall or at the end of the episode they write their name on the wall and
    zoom in on their name

  9. Q&A question: Hey, Trev. Love your vids! Do you think that Kirkman saying
    he regretted killing Abe off in the comics makes it possible that he
    thought the Negan death would be a bit more satisfying and rewarding to the
    story, since Denise took his comic book death not too long ago, and the two
    deaths aren’t that separate? Keep up the great work!


    so i love the whisperer war so far but i would have freakin loved it if
    they waited to kill off Alpha and then when she was dying Negan was holding
    her and her calls her Lucille instead of Alpha or anything then shes dead
    then somehow Lydia see’s and asks why then he explains .pleaase read this ,
    love your videos keep up the good work

  11. Q&A I’m sorry but the head on spike just looks more and more like Olivia
    I’m probably the only one who probably thinks that but what do you think if
    we see the whisperers and do you think they will kill Ezekiel when/if this
    happens in the show?


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