The Sub-Mariner TV cartoon intro (1966)


Namor, the hybrid son of a human seaman and an Atlantian princess, is unique among his people. Unlike his subjects, he is incredibly strong, can breath air as well as water, fly in the air and can command of the creatures of the sea. As prince of Atlantis, he fights furiously against all enemies of his home, whether they be Atlantian villians like Krang the Conquerer, or the surface dwellers up above.
Created By Bill Everett.



  1. Well, looks like Atlantis claims gold and slvier on this one. So what, is Atlantis kinda like Monaco? Prince Albert of Monaco having been a Winter Olympian as a bobsleder in addition to being the current ruler of Monaco (although he succeeded his father in 2005 and has not competed since 2002). Aquaman and Namor both being rulers of Atlantis in their respective universe.


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