The Shadow King’s Origin & Powers

The Shadow King, also known as Amahl Farouk, is a fictional character appearing in comic books published by Marvel Comics. The Shadow King is an entity of pure psychic energy which feeds on a hatred of humanity, manifesting itself by possessing the bodies of humans.




  1. Does any one know if there is an official statement about what year is it in the show? The fact that they mix so much modern stuff with 60’s style makes it really hard to place on a timeline. On one hand it all looks old-fashiony and on the other hand David’s sister mentioned sending an e-mail in the latest episode. But then again, she did mention a payphone in the same sentence, so that makes it even weirder.

  2. Be mindful of the music you use in your videos and how loud they are, please. The last song you used was very distracting. Not only because it had words, but because it was that horrible dance/electronica music. Please just stick to tunes.

  3. Enjoyed the video; even though I remember that particular story arc well, not least because of my irritation at Xavier being put back in a wheelchair yet again, and again, and again, and again; it gets, (along with his various deaths,) just a wee bit tedious after a while.

    Also the Shadow King started out as a brilliant one shot villain whom a young and inexperienced Xavier encountered almost by accident whilst traveling around the middle east, but the whole point of the encounter was Xavier had won the moment he saw through the Shadow Kings, (Faruk,’s)smoke and mirrors so to speak and released that he was innately far more powerful than his opponent and that in a mental battle ultimately that was really all that counted.

    So no explanation of how the Shadow King got so overpowered in the meantime.

  4. Oddly enough, the issue where Xavier fought the Shadow King in this video was one of the first things I ever read front to back when I was little lol. My cousin was a huge comic collector and actually helped me to learn to read using comics.

  5. The shadow king is the personification of all Jews who are the scourge of humanity responsible for almost all war and enslavement on Earth for thousands of years

  6. if the shadow king was created by the first nightmare then wouldn’t that make him the first mutant and not apocalypse

  7. Muir Island was where I got into X-Men comics. This vid got me choked up. Rob, will you PLEASE do a video on Cyclops? When this story happened, he had just lost his son and he’s such a deep character, but everyone I know just thinks he’s ‘a dick’ like he was portrayed in the cartoon. Scott Summers was my role model because my dad wasn’t around, and I’d love to see you do the character justice. Really love your vids. Keep up the great work!!


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