The Flash’s Ezra Miller on DC Movies’ Negative Reviews – IGN News

Ezra Miller — who plays The Flash in Warner Bros.’ DC Comics universe — has come forward to share his thoughts on Suicide Squad’s negative critical reception.

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  1. Audiences didn’t enjoy the film? how is a massive drop an indicator of
    that? not everyone needs to see a movie thet like several times over

  2. DC movies have been amazing. People have been spoiled by all the laughter
    and lightheartedness Marvel had to offer. Not all 24 hours of the day is
    filled with sunlight folks.

  3. He still has to prove to be a better Flash than Grant Gustin. I’d be
    keeping my head down until then if I was Ezra Miller.

  4. Ive genuinely enjoyed all the films so far, do i have complaints, yeah but
    thats the same for all films. A lot of the complaints dont make sense,
    (like the lack of joker; answer:he’s not in the squad…) could snyder have
    done a better job, yes but i also feel like both recent films spent too
    much time setting up for future stuff which is the core issue that focus on
    the future takes away from the current timeline/film.

  5. I’m not trying to be rude but everyone is satisfied with CW’s the Flash
    can’t they for once use TV actors for movies

  6. Good. The Flash being the heart and soul of the Justice League, this is an
    appropriate thing for him to say. The Flash has always been the biggest
    optimist in the world to me.

  7. Or maybe people aren’t watching it more than once because a freak’n movie
    ticket costs a third of the Blu-ray.

  8. well he’s absolutely right if you’re not a Marvel fan or DC fan you don’t
    understand it.. the critics will always be the judge review if like it or
    not? if I have a bad review and still make so much money look what happened
    to Batman v Superman and made almost a billion dollars.. I agree with him
    you can’t please everybody…

  9. Way too much makeup in that guy’s face, he looks like a lady in the
    We didn’t see much of him in the film but I don’t think he can top the
    Flash from the tv show.

  10. It seems like the media doesn’t want this film to do well for some reason.
    Like Marvel films are the ones supported by industry to do well while DC
    films are not taken as seriously. If there is anything that is wrong with
    the film business it’s too many comic book movies. It seems like one is out
    every 5 minutes and most of them are from Marvel.


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