The Flash Season 3 Savitar Reveal Breakdown!

The Flash Season 3 Savitar Reveal Breakdown! The Flash Kid Flash, Black Siren, Arrow Season 5, Supergirl Season 2 and Legends of Tomorrow Season 2!


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The Flash Season 3 Trailer Breakdown
The Flash Season 3 Trailer Breakdown
The Flash Season 3 Trailer Breakdown

The Flash Season 3 Savitar Reveal Breakdown!
The Flash Season 3 Savitar Reveal Breakdown!
The Flash Season 3 Savitar Reveal Breakdown!

The Flash 3×01
The Flash Season 3
The Flash Season 3 Trailer
Arrow Season 5
Arrow Season 5 Trailer



  1. Pagey do you think Supergirl Earth Will every combine with Barry’s Earth So
    they don’t have to Travel to different earth to see her all the time

  2. Of course it’s Dr. Alchemy. Alchemy was very popular in the same period of
    our history where that mask he is wearing, a plague mask, was popular. If
    Dr. Alchemy is either from that time or a student of that time it would
    make sense his “costume” would be based on that time.

  3. Savitar is from the Wally West Era flash from when I was reading comics
    heavily as a teen and there are actually quite a few characters that they
    would have to introduce in this season if they want them. Let’s do the

    Harrison Wells is a character created wholesale for the show.

    In the comics Jesse Quick’s father is actually a man named Johnny Quick who
    is a Speedster from back in the day who married and had a child with a
    female hero named Liberty Belle who had the power of flight.

    Jesse inherited her mother’s flight and her father’s ability to use the
    speed Formula.

    I bring this up because Johnny Quick was instrumental in helping to defeat

    Next up is Max Mercury. Max in the comic books from our POV is a newer
    character however inside the comics continuity is the first known

    He was a messenger back in the American West who needed to get somewhere
    fast for heroic reasons and was granted his speed by the speed force. He
    once like Barry went fast enough to become one with the Speed Force but he
    balked and bounced off of it. Every so often he feels the pull and does it

    Everytime he does it though it’s like skipping on the surface of the time
    stream before plunging back causing him to jump in spurts into the future.

    He is the mentor to all of the speedsters and at the time of Savitar he is
    the legal guardian of Bart Allen aka Impulse Barry Allen’s grandson from
    the future who also takes part in the fight against Savitar.

    So this makes one wonder will we get those other speedsters or will it only
    be Wally, Barry and Jay Garrick. Another thing to point out is that Barry
    at that time was considered to be dead as the story was after Crisis but
    well before the Rebirth event that brought back Barry.

  4. When you showed the episode title next to it there was the words Full
    Yellow which makes me think that he will be freeing Reverse Flash in this
    episode for help !!! Not to important but still saying it !!!

  5. Could the captain cold in legends of tomorrow be the flashpoint version? If
    not then how on earth could he return after possibly dying(unless he froze
    his hand in place to keep the button pressed)?


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