The Flash Season 3 Doctor Alchemy Theory

The Flash Season 3 Doctor Alchemy Theory. The Flash vs Doctor Alchemy Scene. Tom Felton Julian Albert, Albert Desmond, Savitar and Justice League Aquaman soon ►
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  1. Flash is the fastest man alive can dodge bullets and run not walk run on
    water ( yes Jesus reference) so why does flash get hit by certain things
    like alchemy blast? I thought time is slow for flash so he can see

  2. What if Alchemy is Felton’s character but from one of the other realities
    and he fell trough a crack or something when Barry was messing with the
    time lines.

  3. OMG Bart Allen (Impluse) appearing on LOT or at the end of flash season 3
    would be amazing just like in Young Justice!

  4. if Julian is Alchemy how did he go so fast at the place where flash fought
    with the Rival i mean Barry just talked to him.What if Julian is savitar
    and he is working with Alchemy to steal speed from the speedsters.

  5. What if Julian Albert becomes some sort of “Jekyll and Hyde” character
    where Tom Felton’s CSI character becomes Mister Element whilst Dr. Alchemy
    remains another persona of the Philosopher Stone?

  6. Could he be Tom Felton from the flashpoint timeline? Just like there was a
    Edward Clariss as The Rival in flashpoint and a regular Edward Clariss in
    our timeline.

  7. I think the writers want us to assume Julian Albert is Doctor Alchemy, but
    when we look under Alchemy’s mask it’s someone else. If they connect the
    two, that’s just too on the nose. You bring in a new villain at the same
    time you introduce a new supporting character, and wouldn’t ya know it!
    They’re one and the same. That’s lame. That’s like in LOST season two when
    they introduced the survivors from the tail section just so they could kill
    almost all of them off by halfway through season three. It was way too
    obvious, and kinda bad writing. So I’m anticipating the writers will
    telegraph that it’s Julian Albert, but we’ll learn it’s someone else
    entirely when he’s finally unmasked

    Perhaps when Julian Albert gets too close to figuring it out, Doctor
    Alchemy will frame him somehow, in order to further confuse the audience,
    but I’d be disappointed if they make the hunter and the hunted the same

  8. I think when Barry and Jay had a heart to heart on the do’s and don’ts of
    time travel, Barry did fine Jay’s likeness a little weird, which is fine
    being that he’s Barry’s father of his world, with Black Siren and Olie’s
    dad coming back to Arrow, who know”s!? That could be Julian under the
    mask. I just feel we’re definitely going to find some “bad” with his

  9. I know u got a lot to do but was it Julian Albert watching the fight
    between Barry and the Rival hiding behind something?

  10. My theory is that Alchemy is the Flashpoint version of Julian Albert and
    that Alchemy is using his powers to possess the current Julian Albert and
    bring back the Flash point timeline. As for the metal hand, I think that’s
    Magenta morphing a piece of metal to grab Clariss.

  11. I’m wondering if all of this will eventually be resolved and we will be
    treated to the scene from the last episode of the first season. At the end
    of the first season, Barry stops himself from saving his mother, but he is
    wearing his brighter red suit.. If that happens, the story will come full


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