The Flash 3×05 – Caitlin Snow (Killer Frost) Hurts Nigel With Her Powers

A clips from The Flash Season 3, Episode 05 – “Monster.”

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  1. Really…. what the hell was that guy thinking? You’re fully aware of what
    she’s capable of and you plan to try and kidnap a woman that can freeze you
    to death with your date-rape tone? Been funny if she froze his nutsack and
    then kneed him right in the dick to shatter it.

  2. Now…I really wanna know how the Hell that scenario played out in his
    head? You have witnessed for yourself what this girl can do and your plan
    is to lock her (and yourself) in a room, threaten her AND put your hands on
    He had better be thanking what ever God he worships that her mother walked
    in when she did.

  3. Killer frost is incredible I’m going to love killer frost in this season
    she was amazing in the second season can’t wait for her to become fully
    killer frost if that happens witch I hope it does


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