The Flash 3×03 Promo Season 3 Episode 3 Promo/preview

The Flash 3×03 Promo The Flash Season 3 Episode 3 Promo/preview “Magenta”. EARTH-2 WELLS AND JESSE RETURN TO CENTRAL CITY — Barry (Grant Gustin) and Team Flash are thrilled to reunite with Earth-2 Wells (Tom Cavanagh) and Jesse (guest star Violett Beane). Wells confides to Barry and Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) that Jesse has all the powers of a speedster and has been saving people on his Earth. He is concerned about her safety and wants them to talk her out of using her powers. Meanwhile, Magenta, (guest star Joey King) a new meta who can control metal, terrorizes the city.. Subscribe to first promos on Youtube for more The Flash season 3 promos.

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  1. Wait can someone explain, do episodes 2 and 3 have different timelines
    because judging from the trailers it looks like it

  2. Wow with Barry stuffing up the timeline – and possibly making it closer to
    the original – so many cogs in motion for all the shows. I wonder how this
    will all play out, especially with Legend’s which has a lot of time
    travelling involved.

  3. God. The writing for Jon Wesley Shipp’s character is so damn good. And the
    way he says his lines is just amazing too.

  4. what i noticed on the trailer
    0:46 cisco using his powers?
    0:48 barry absorbing kinetic energy from the bike?
    what do you think guys?

  5. Barry sounds younger

    He might get killed and they force reverse flash or the black one or zoom
    to save Barry

  6. Is Captain Cold gonna be the mayor of Central City in this new timeline
    just like in the comics? I hope he is. I wanna see some Mayor Cold up in
    this piece!


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