The Death Of Cyclops (X-Men: Death Of X)

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  1. I think the best explanation for why terrigen kills now would be rooted in
    Indestructible Hulk 17/18 where Banner builds a bomb to accelerate time for
    the cloud to spend all of it’s radiation. Of course it doesn’t work, and
    Iron Man mentions that the interaction was entirely unpredictable given how
    exotic terrigen is. I think that’s when the mist became deadly, it would
    also explain how you can have the terrigen bomb go off over New York City
    during an alien invasion and yet have none of the mutants in New York City
    die off immediately.

  2. I am really hoping Cyclops comes back but thats might be asking too much
    right now cause it might not happen…I love X-men & treated inhumans as
    nice side stories cause they weren’t my cup of tea most of the time. I see
    this as all messed up mainly if Cyclops were to die I wanted Juggernaut to
    kill him or something haha

  3. What’s with all the Inhumans hate in these comments? As much as I hate what
    Marvel has done to the X-men and mutants recently I also hate what they’re
    doing with the Inhumans. Inhumans have always held so much interest to me
    for the fact that they represented this mysterious almost otherworldly
    culture. Their internal politics and how they structure a very unique
    society is what always made them so fascinating to me. But recently Marvel
    has made a concerted effort to just transform them into discount mutants,
    disrespecting their legacy and what they represent. X-men and Inhuman fans
    really should be united here.

  4. This was the strongest case for what Marvel was doing. Trying to decrease
    the popularity of the X-Men while raising the profile of the Inhumans. I
    still think that most of the actions on both sides make no sense.


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