The Credits Scenes Of Doctor Strange Explained

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After all the smoke settled and all the cool hand signals were waved, Doctor Stephen Strange earned his spot as one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s best new heroes. And like in other Marvel movies, we got an extra helping of heroism in the form of teasers for future films after the movie’s ending. Put on your Sling Ring as we explore Doctor Strange’s credits scenes. And just so you don’t think we’re possessed by the dark powers of Dormammu, here’s our warning: there are major spoilers ahead…

Thor’s doctor visit | 0:25
Loki’s back in town | 1:19
Ragnarok and roll call | 2:05
Just a stone’s throw away… | 2:44
Thanos on the hunt | 3:21
Setting up a sequel | 3:56
Mordo the villain | 4:31
Silencing the sorcerers | 5:11

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  1. I still wonder how much of TAIF will be about Thanos getting the stones or
    if in GotG2 a credits scene (like 5 min. long) will show Thanos teleporting
    into Xandar and basically mowing through everyone to the power stone. P.S.
    last scene of that wild be Danaryn Day call Quill to ask for help.


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