Teen Titans Judas Contract & Origin Of Nightwing – Complete Story

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  1. Now I KNOW a lot of people requested this one for a long time. Small Youtube lesson for you, THIS is called a tentpole, you hold you videos until everyone is searching for it. lol I’ll watch the movie this afternoon and let you guys know my opinions

  2. I just watched the movie. It was good but the original is still better. I always knew they couldn’t do the story exactly how it was in the comics because of Nightwing, Robin, and Blue Beetle but I what I really missed was Jericho. The way Jericho was introduced in the comic and how he made Deathstroke turn on Terra was something I really missed. The way the movie was like at the end with Jericho was like “Hey! Remember him? Yeah he was important in the comic so we throw him in at the end”. I did enjoy the interaction between Dick and Damian but that’s normal today, and also Starfire and Dick was good when it’s actually them… *cough* Teen Titans Go *cough*. With all of that the movie was still pretty good. It could have been better but whatever.

  3. 8:13 He was in fact Richard Branson practically best mates with Usain Bolt here to offer you a deal with your broadband.

  4. The movie did the comic justice and although they modified it to fit the DC Animated Movie Universe it was amazing.

  5. The animated movie was pretty good I liked it. From a scale of 1 – 10 it was about a 7 1/2. I love the DCAU’s new anime type animation

  6. Thanks for covering this dude! I’d heard of the Judas Contract ever since the animated series finished back in 06/07 and they were planning a movie on it (but dropped it). It’s pretty cool to finally know the original story here and with the new animated film out, it’ll be pretty cool to check this out too! Not see it yet, but hopefully it’ll be great! 🙂

  7. the story is good, but in the movie they used blue beetle instead of cyborg, nothing really wrong that, it basically all the same

  8. wait you said he looks into deathstrokes eyes …. eyes as in more than one
    also why was nightwing in the contract, if the plan was to hook them to that machine and sap them of their powers but nightwing doesnt have any powers

  9. An ungerage girl attempts to kill people – nobody gives a shit.
    An underage girl slept with an old man – everybody lost it’s shit.

  10. the movie should have been more like the comic . not bad. terra still looked wierd. liked the teen titans cartoon version of her

  11. The movie was sort of different with the personalities there exactly the same just with characters of blue beatle and damian wayne and without the storyline of jericho

  12. This sounds familiar. I just watched the animated version yesterday titled Teen Titan Judas Contract I think?!

  13. tara smoking in a teen comic…cringey attempt to make her the “bad girl”. And gar is basically the battered woman in an abusive relationship but with the usual genders swapped.

    Great story, but definitely dates itself with these goofy after-school PSA type storylines/characters. Better than the 90s comics I grew up with I guess with the XTREME POUCHES era.

    And I might be one of the few, but I actually prefer the teen titans animated shows version of this story . Maybe its just the modern spin on things but it actually made me feel pained when tara dies and doesnt make tara out to be a cartoony super-jerk villain.

    The direct-to-dvd animated movie looks decent too.

  14. My biggest issue with the new animated film is they felt the need to give Terra a traumatic backstory to explain her loyalty to Slade and her violent personality. I think they should’ve just stuck with the comics and had it be that shes simply a pure psychopath. I would’ve ended the movie with someone reading the last few lines of the comic story with her dying. That would’ve been better, but all in all it was a good film.

  15. i’m old enough to remember reading these issues as they came out not in TPB. I’m that old. Man the suspense was killing me. Not sure what was going to happen. Favorite story of all time for the Titans.

  16. The movie was very good of course they made Terra good in the movie instead of completely evil but it was a good mix of the comic and the original show.


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