TEEN TITANS GO Parody ‘the UnOfficial Teen Titans Go CHEESE SONG’ A Toy Video By Epic Toy Channel

In this Teen Titans Go parody video, the Titans are preparing for a visit from Batman. Robin wants the Teen Titans to help him figure out what type of cheese they should give Batman when he visits.. Cheese is amazing and it makes everything better, Robin explains. Starfire is confused by Robin’s belief that cheese improves everything. Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg aren’t so eager to entertain Robin’s fascination with cheese, but they listen none the less.

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🍕 TEEN TITANS GO PARODY Cheese Song Lyrics:

Is cheese good enough for Batman? What do you mean?
When you order a hamburger and you want to make it extra fancy.. what do you do?

When you order a steak and you want it extra fancy.. what do you do?
Everything is better with cheese!
and Batman’s time with us is no exception.

If you want to have a good time with batman what do you do?

The question isn’t.. is cheese good enough for batman..
The questions should be.. what type of cheese is good enough for batman.

There’s more than 1 type of the cheese?
Oh’ Starfire..
Stand right there and let me explain

Asiago, Baby Swiss, Blue and Bre
Buttercase, Cheddar and Colby
Feta, Fontina and a side of cream cheese
Gouda, Havarti and limburger please

Monteray Jack, Muenster, Parmesan too
Queso Blanco, Queso Fresco ricotta for you
Provalone, Riccota, Ramono on the side
So many yummy cheeses, I cannot decide

We must give batman the best.

Of all the 27 food groups, cheese is the most important
Should we forbid batman from eating cheese….? Nay.
We shall feed the batman only the best cheese. Yes.

This is simple. We pick a cheese and feed it to Batman.
Oh Star, I wish it was that easy.
Once we pick the cheese… the cheese must be prepared.

Oh’ Starfire, stand right there and let me expalin.

Should we chop it or shred it
take a chicken and then bread it
Melt it or grate it
The Dark Night can’t hate it

Warm it in an oven
Till it’s melty and delicious
or chop it and cube it
Or blend it with fishes

Put it in the oven at 400 degrees
Throw it in a microwave or blend at high speed
Sauté’ it in coke and pack of mentos
or let Raven Azrath Mentrion Zinthos

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