TEEN TITANS GO Giant Surprise Egg Of Silkie, Teen Titans Blind Bag & DC Toy Freaks ToysReview

Have you ever seen a Giant Surprise Egg of Silkie from Teen Titans Go? I made this huge surprise out of Play-Doh, but before I made it I found some of the coolest and rarest toys from the original Teen Titans and the new Teen Titans Go series on Cartoon Network. These toys and surprises are all so much fun! Which of these surprise toys is your favorite? Be sure to let us know!


Here’s the Teen Titans Go! Elf on the Shelf video I did last year:
TEEN TITANS GO! Elf On The Shelf with Surprise Toys, Santa a Teen Titans Go Toy Video Parody

TEEN TITANS GO Christmas Special Parody “Twas The Night Before Christmas” Santa Brings Surprise Toys

TEEN TITANS GO + Lego Batman + Elf on the Shelf Singing Jingle Bells BATMAN Smells Robin Laid an Egg

GIANT SURPRISE EGG Teen Titans Go! Surprise Toys at the T-Tower & Teen Titans Go Blind Bags

TEEN TITANS GO! Surprise Egg Battle Slade VS Red X ROBIN vs Death Stroke a Teen Titans Battle

TEEN TITANS Custom LEGO MiniFigures & Deathstroke, Rare Two Face, Batgirl and Cat Woman Batman

TEEN TITANS GO! Meatball Party In Real Life + Teen Titans Arcade Game by EpicToyChannel

TEENY TITANS Mystery Surprise Pop Character + Teen Titans Go Toys DC Toy Collector

TEEN TITANS GO! Toy Parody “Starfire’s Crazy Dream” with Teen Titans Cyborg, Starfire & Raven

TEEN TITANS GO! Robin Visits The New Teen Titans To Motivate Cyborg Starfire & Raven Funny Toy Video

TEEN TITANS GO! Robin as Batman, Raven as Wonder Woman, Starfire as Flash Teen Titans Surprise

TEEN TITANS GO! Parody “Beast Boy Wants To Be Cyborg” with Batman, Robin + Starfire and Raven

TEEN TITANS vs JUSTICE LEAGUE Who Would Win? A Surprise Toy Video with Teen Titans & Justice League

TEEN TITANS GO! Meatball Party In Real Life + Teen Titans Arcade Game by EpicToyChannel

TEEN TITANS GO! Giant Surprise Egg Mashup Raven Robin Cyborg Starfire + Buff Robin Funny Toy Video

TEEN TITANS GO! Robin Visits The New Teen Titans To Motivate Cyborg Starfire & Raven Funny Toy Video


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