Superman Meets Super Woman (Action Comics Vol 2: Back At The Planet)

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  1. Now that I noticed, there were 4 rays of energy coming out of new52
    Superman when he died, 2 of those rays hit Lana Lang and Lois and they got
    super powers…what happened to the other rays of energy? did someone else
    got super powers?

  2. I like how the Pre-New52 Superman’s suit still doesn’t have the red
    underwear, but I wish they kept the collar worth red pipe lining.

  3. Rob why don’t I get notifications when you put out new videos anymore I’ve
    been subed for a long long time this just started a few weeks ago

  4. Dan Jurgens has always been a great storyteller….But maturity and
    practice has made him a master in the field. It’s so awesome to see DC
    actually doing something new….Taking their time….And trying to please
    their fans, old and new, in the best way possible. Much love and peace to

  5. This is the most idiotic and annoying thing about rebirth. They killed new
    52 superman and Lois Lane. For no damn reason other than pre new 52
    superman and Lois were here, which wasn’t necessary. Two great characters
    that got screwed over for no real reason.

  6. Making pre-52 characters impersonate new 52 characters just seems overly
    complex. It also feels wrong that a character like Lois Lane is constantly
    lying about who she is.

  7. Did any one notic that there is guy who is sporting the Three stars and Sun
    of the Philppines? is that Jay Oliva doing shout outs?

  8. Truth always rises. It was mistake for Pre-LL to assume a lie to spare the
    feelings of a few. Seems like a classic parable setup looking forward to
    more, Rob!


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