Harley Quinn Cosplay

Man, what a gal! Harley Quinn is the mischievous girlfriend of The Joker and a real vixen at that. This is one of the most popular supervillain cosplays for ladies in 2017 and easily one of the sexiest. As Halloween approaches, you’ll want to begin planning your Harley Quinn costume or you will fail to live up to expectations. If your boyfriend or husband is going as The Joker, there is no question you should go as Harley. You’ll need to practice getting the attitude down and start acting crazy! Not hard for most women…

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Costume Jacket and Accessories Guide

There’s no question that a popular 2017 Halloween and Comic Con Costume for Women will be the Harley Quinn Suicidé Squad look. Margot Robbie’s character took it in a new direction with blue and red pigtails and the “Daddy’s Little Monster” slogan across her bodysuit and shirt.

The red varsity jacket is also an essential piece of the new costume that you will have to buy in order to complete the look.

Harley Quinn also carries a bat that says “Good Night” which you can buy as part of the costume.

Jared Leto played The Joker, the love interest of Harley Quinn. He too had a brand new outfit and will undoubtedly be a popular choice for men this Halloween. His nickname for his girlfriend Harley is “Puddin” so you can buy a choker accessory that adds to the bodysuit and jacket.

How to Dress As Classic Harley Quinn

For one, you need to get the right hat and makeup. You’ll want to find the classic red and white jester hat that is going to top everything off. Makeup is also very important, so follow some of the tutorials on this page to get a good idea of how to apply it. For the most part, you just need to create a white clown face without looking too sloppy.

The biggest and most important part is obviously the red and white sexy body suit. This could be pieced together using a bodysuit or corset but you absolute want to get the mismatching color look down. Harley also wears mismatching gloves and clown shoes so you want to make sure you get the overall flow of the pattern correct. If you have a full bodysuit, it should take care of the leggings. If not, you’ll want to get some knee high socks or a skirt of some kind that pulls everything together.

Now if you really want to nail this character you have to get your hands on an oversized mallet. You could make one yourself if you are savvy enough, but there are large inflatable options that will do the trick. This not only helps you stay in character, but it’s great for whacking people over the head during a party! Not to mention you can clobber your boyfriend or husband if he is misbehaving as The Joker.

At the end of the day, this super sexy adult costume is one of the most popular female cosplay options. Harley Quinn is a sexy siren of Gotham and requires a unique personality to truly pull it off. If you stand around in the corner of a party sulking and being too quiet, you will completely ruin the effort. Make sure to have a few jokes ready and if you want to guarantee that you take home first prize, bring a bazooka! Blow everyone away and strut around like a clown on a mission. The joke’s on you Bats! Rev up your Harley! Vroom Vrooom!