Deadpool Cosplay

If you are trying to think of a great costume idea for 2017, then you almost certainly can’t go wrong with Deadpool. As the most successful superhero movie in 2016, this insanely popular character is sure to turn heads and get you looks at the Halloween party. An awesome Deadpool costume is not that difficult to find and in many cases is an all-in-one bodysuit that gets the job done.

Looking for a Deadpool Costume for Comic-Con? These are some real winners!

Now, if you are going to be the “Merc with a Mouth” for Halloween, or if you are going to take him on in cosplay fashion, then you had better bring the attitude. You need to work on your wit and joke telling. You have to be able to approach women with confidence and strut around like you own the place, because that’s how Deadpool rolls. You can’t be the guy standing in the corner not talking to anyone or simply boring everyone to death without even trying. This is a costume you have to BECOME in order to pull it off.

To complete the look you’re going to want to get a good mask, and there’s no question that you need a few good accessories. Masks should be easy to come buy, just grab the one you see on the page above. Good katanas on the other hand can be tricky to find. You don’t want the super cheapo plastic piece of junk that you might find at the dollar store. Save that for the guy who shows up looking with the worst Deadpool outfit in history. You want to get as close to the real thing as you can, and this of course goes for the twin uzis as well. But if you are on a tight budget, you can easily get away with the cheaper stuff as long as you make an effort to go all out on the rest of the costume.

You’ll want to finish everything off with a good belt and some boots if you can swing it, but it isn’t absolutely necessary. As mentioned earlier, the mask and bodysuit are more important and in many cases will come with these extras anyway. The hardest thing you’ll need to get is definitely the Deadpool mask, so it is recommended that you just order that ahead of time.

At the end of the day, great Deadpool costumes are pulled off when you bring the attitude as well as the proper attire. You don’t even necessarily need a muscle suit or all of the accessories, but you have to BE the character. Fans of the comic book will know if you are faking it or you aren’t a real fan. Practice cracking jokes or using pick up lines in front of a mirror so that you are sharp when it comes time to perform. If you are heading into Comic Con as Deadpool, you had really better step your game up, or you won’t be the only one running their mouth!