Batman Cosplay

Many people will dress up as The Dark Knight, but few will execute it well. Of all the adult superhero costumes I have seen, most that have attempted have been totally ridiculous. If you think you can pull off a great Batman costume, then you better make sure to go all out on every piece – mask, batsuit, cape, batarang, and gloves.

Are You Looking for a Great Batman Costume for Comic-Con Cosplay? Check these out!

Robin Sidekick Costume

Batman is one of the best costume ideas if you want to go as a pair with your buddy. Without question, the most famous superhero duo of all time might be Batman and Robin. Robin himself might be the most famous sidekick in history. If you want to really bring it, you both need to go all out and make sure to get every little detail of your costume correct.


The mask is one of if not the most important element of a Batman outfit. Cheap plastic masks simply will not get the job done. You will want to take the time to find a nice over the head full fitting mask that does not look like it was made in about five minutes. You can certainly do that if you are on a budget or do not intend to wear the gear ever again. In that case, you can pull the trigger on some cheap superhero costume ideas that will get the job done in a pinch.


The bodysuit is also extremely important and will ultimately determine how good the overall costume looks. Muscle suits are fine, but they should look more like armor than just a shirt or lightweight jacket of some kind. If you are an extra large human being, you can find some plus sized costumes as well that will definitely help in the chest area. The leg portion of the bodysuit will also matter, but definitely not as much as the bat suit. If you decide to buy an all-in-one complete costume, then both the chest piece and pants should be very similar looking. Piecing together a costume with various items that you own can look really lame and would not be something you want to show up to Comic-Con wearing!

Group & Party Ideas

Speaking of group costume ideas, if someone goes as Batman then inevitably someone can also go as The Joker or one of the other popular supervillains. The Penguin, Mr. Freeze, The Riddler, and Two-Face are all spectacular ideas. Ladies can show up as sexy adult Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy or Catwoman. This makes the entire group look like professionals and really adds to the overall look and feel for Halloween or cosplay.

If you are hosting the party, you can arrange it so you can make some kind of a grand entrance. Swinging in through a window is also a total hit, especially if it looks like you came down from the roof using a grappling hook. Fly in with your cape and disrupt the merry scene by appearing as The Dark Knight out of nowhere! Perhaps a friend could be positioned nearby as The Joker, harassing the other people in the room and generally acting the fool. Burst onto the scene and save the day dressed as one of the amazing costumes seen above.

“BatCave” Haunted House

One fun idea is to turn your house into the BatCave for Halloween and host a party or entertain trick-or-treaters. Have someone play the role of the butler/mentor Alfred. Perhaps someone can make it look like they forgot their costume, appearing as “Bruce Wayne” periodically throughout the night. Suddenly, this guy disappears and no one is quite sure where he went. A few minutes later, someone dressed as Batman immediately enters the room, as if he was summoned to handle a call for help. You can even make it look like he is all ripped up and dirty from getting into a scrap!

You can also have The Joker “pretend” to kidnap someone, as little kids approach your door. Then after they get spooked, Batman and Robin come in to save the day! It’s a tremendous idea that will get more laughs than you think. Most people go with a typical haunted house idea, with zombies, ghosts, and ghouls. But you can think outside the box and make dressing up just as fun when you play out the roles of supervillain and superhero.

The best idea of them all would be to setup a mini-bat signal that the children can use to call for help. This idea could also work in some ways during Comic-Con to make some sort of dramatic appearance. Using a spotlight, whip up and cheap looking bat signal that someone can turn on easily by flipping a switch or putting a plug into a socket. Have the signal project onto a wall or something nearby so it can clearly be seen by all.

Now, the kids summon in Batman when The Joker starts to wreak havoc! This idea can make for an awesome and memorable experience that people will talk about for years.

At the end of the day, being Batman is not easy. You’ll definitely want to make sure that you take the time to get all of the essential parts of the costume down – the mask, the belt, the weapons, the gloves, the cape, and of course the batsuit with logo on the front. If you buy a cheap Batman costume that looks like crap, everyone will know and the effect will just not be the same. It’s one of those things that requires total effort and enthusiasm to get right. Don’t slack, and bring justice to Gotham city today, whether it’s Halloween or cosplay!