Superhero Costumes

Awesome Costume Ideas!

There are a lot of great superhero costume ideas for conventions, Halloween and for cosplay. Comic Con is a great time to dress up as your favorite comic book character, joining the legions of fans that will show up and represent Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and many more. If you are looking for some great ideas then Comics2Film is here to give you a hand.

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Suicide Squad Group Costume!

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Captain America: Civil War & The Avengers Group Costume!

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One of our favorite ideas is to go as a group or pair. Epic group costumes like the X-Men, Justice League, or Suicide Squad will allow you to steal the show especially if everyone goes all out on their outfit. Show up in style and make a grand entrance as your group to get the cameras flashing and the videos rolling. Everyone should act in character, bringing the attitude and spirit to all of the chosen superheroes or supervillains.

Jared Leto has put a new spin on The Joker, and it would be really cool if a lot of people took a stab at his look along with the usuals like Heath Ledger’s look and of course Jack Nicholson. Who knows how Leto’s performance will turn out, but taking on a new look is also great to refresh a classic villain.

Harley Quinn fans can join The Joker and take on one sexy adult superhero costume. She is easily one of the more popular female supervillains and it’s always great to see the sexiest ladies dressing up in her fabulous mismatched red and white attire. Also, you better bring her huge oversized mallet or else you won’t be doing the character justice!

Speaking of Justice, everyone loves The Dark Knight, but few people actually show up in a great Batman costume. This is another classic character that really needs a lot of effort for things to go right. If you go to Comic-Con, you will no doubt see about one hundred Batmans in attendance, but everyone will actually remember very few of them. You need to get everything right, and also stick to a certain look. You can take on the classic 1960s TV show and grab your best buddy to be Robin with you. You can don a Batman Begins style outfit and show up ready to take down any villain that crosses your path. The choice is yours, but you better get the mask and equipment down to a science!

Batman groups wouldn’t be complete without a few ladies taking on the sexy sirens of Gotham City – Poison Ivy, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn. Poison Ivy costumes are some of the ultimate for sex appeal because you can get away with wearing almost nothing but leaves! Drive the men wild as you rock some green lipstick and tempt anyone around to give you a kiss. Catwoman is another fan favorite and a great opportunity to pull out all the stops when it comes to sexiness. She also has some classic looks, and in some cases comes ready to rock with essential gear like claws, a whip, and glasses. Prowl around as the sexy sirens of Gotham and grab your lady friends to make the sexiest trio around!

For 2017 of course Spider-Man and Wonder Woman superhero costumes will be superpopular!

And these days, no comic event would be complete unless you have one really solid, crazy, attitude-drenched Deadpool around. The “Merc with a Mouth” has skyrocketed to the top of the popularity chain thanks to his own film. Halloween and Comic-Con is a great opportunity to rock your Deadpool bodysuit, wield some katanas, and lay down some uzi fire.

There are so many great options to choose from. An Ant-Man costume would be a sure fire hit this year, as well as the Avengers. Imagine if your tallest friend rolled into the room dressed as Ant Man! That would be absolutely hilarious and would just kill the room. Roll out as Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, or somebody crazy and unique like Vision. Just think about all the great ideas you can get from the Marvel lineup of characters – Spider-Man, Venom, Hulk, Green Goblin, and many more.

Now, there is one superhero costume that without a doubt will make waves if you get the job done. Superman costumes are another hit or miss and can be fantastic when done right. The classic look is always a smash hit while the newer outfit can be a great complement to a Batman costume if you decided to play out the upcoming movie. Imagine if you and a friend walk in and act out the amazing Batman Vs. Superman showdown that we are going to get in the coming year. In fact, superhero rivalry is also a great theme for Comic Con. You have Captain America and Iron Man, or even Gambit and Wolverine. A sexy Rogue can break things up as a perplexed Storm and Cyclops look on.

Another ultimate pairing would be Professor X and Magneto. Imagine if you sat down to play a chess match right in the middle of the madness at the party you attend. Without a doubt this would be an incredible hit and would be sure to get laughs and posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, unleashing a viral bomb on unsuspecting victims who decided to slack on their Halloween costume this year.

Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you do it right. Stay in character and bring the spirit of superhero costumes to life as your favorite comic book character. Villain or hero, both are able to become a smash hit that people will remember for a long time. The question is, will you be remembered for being a champion, or a chump? Come on back to Comics2Film and we will continually update our page with some of the coolest and newest cosplay costume ideas that you can rock in the coming months.