Supergirl Season 2 Episode 1 Trailer Breakdown! – ‘The Adventures Of Supergirl’

Supergirl 2×01 Trailer Breakdown! – “The Adventures of Supergirl”. The Flash Season 3, Black Siren, Arrow Season 5, Supergirl Season 2 and Legends of Tomorrow Season 2!

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Supergirl Season 2 Episode 1 Trailer Breakdown! – “The Adventures of Supergirl”

The Flash Season 3
The Flash Season 3 Trailer
Arrow Season 5
Arrow Season 5 Trailer



  1. The only nitpicky thing I have with with this preview/trailer footage is
    that you would think people would know who supergirl is because of her
    always flying out of her apartment window lol but other than that I’m hyped

  2. +Pagey I’m also from Australia and I don’t know how to stream the cw shows
    right after they are released. Can you please help me out.

  3. I love this superman promo cause this show will end up being superman tv
    show featuring supergirl which I’m fine with sg season 1 was awful

  4. Has anybody seen Supergirl season 2. episode 1- trailer # 2? (by Steve
    Younis) Someone said ‘we going back to Gotham’ Is Batman coming to the CW?

  5. huge Superman fan myself I always get a kick out of watching straight men
    get excited about a guy ripping his shirt off totally not gay.

  6. If your a DC fan and you didn’t have the biggest grin the whole time
    (begging to end) your lying. That was the best (live action) Clark Kent
    we’ve ever seen (Henry Cavell smile for once damnit!) Super classic ”space
    shuttle crashing” scenario coming out of nowhere, and SUPERBREATH! Suck-it
    Zach Snyder. No way trying to disrespect the eaphorts of the people behind
    the movies or this show for that matter but if a show on a CW budget can
    nail this how come Sups’s one power in the DCEU seems to be remorseless

  7. I fucking cried watching this. This is the Superman we need in the DCEU. I
    love this, Supergirl has now gotten 1000000% better

  8. Superman is done right on Supergirl! It is an updated Richard Donner,
    Superman and that is Canon. Add a little of this to Henry Cavil, who is
    great in my opinion, and watch the critics gives the DCEU Superman a thumbs
    up! Tyler’s Superman is Awesome and is Canon.


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