Supergirl Season 1 Episode 19 // SUPERDRAMA (ALEX VS SUPERGIRL) // DCUO

#SuperDrama #DanglingTheCarrot #SupergirlSeason2InAllSeriousness *SPOILER WARNING* Our review of CBS’s Supergirl includes our thoughts on this mediocre episode. It was a lot of standing around and thinking of how to execute a plan, but at the cost of a life or two. We get to see Myriad in effect and Non along with Indigo try to take over National City. Let us know your thoughts on this episode!
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  1. I agree with a lot of this. id like to think of this as more of a set up
    episode for an epic showdown theyre going to give us in the finale. i do
    agree though that they should start treating her more like the badass
    superheroine she deserves to be rather than some conflicted woman with all
    the feelings stuff attached. great review dudes!

  2. I think a good balance between the human drama and the action is necessary.
    It has to appeal to comic readers but also has to draw people into comics
    by just being a good drama too. If they aren’t engaging the watcher, it’s
    not because there is too much drama but that the drama is not engaging
    enough. You guys seem to be intellectual individuals. I know you are
    oversimplifying things but the shoe doesn’t have to be mindless action to
    succeed. I believe that there are women (and men) that like the direction
    the show has been going. They have to find that happy medium.

  3. I don’t feel you guys. This episode was low (since ep 15 we have great
    episodes) but is a two parter… We will have to wait and see and Supergirl
    has a lot of action. It’s one episode with a lot of drama, the problem is
    it’s the finale. But action without drama is not that enjoyable, it has no
    propose, it’s like a Bay movie, all nonsenses going on.

  4. I just want some original story. Supergirl has her own interesting
    story-lines and villains .. can we be done with scavenging Superman stories
    and rogues? It’s a slap to both characters. We’ve already seen scenes
    pulled straight from Smallville, Man of Steel and Superman III. Add all the
    rogues they’ve taken from Superman; not just villains who fought Superman
    showing up, but who are straight up having their origins shifted to
    National City. Final hope, have Maxwell Lord be Maxwell Lord and not a
    non-follically challenged Lex Luthor. They need to pick it up and keep the
    TV superhero train rolling.

  5. why the lego clip better than the actual episode though haha. drama is
    alright but they need to end it on a way higher note. like you guys said
    its a superhero show at its core so they should make her deal with it like
    a superhero would. feelings and everything should be set aside when the
    fate of the world is in her hands

  6. #DanglingTheCarrot #SupergirlSeason2 i love how you guys are a little
    divided about the show yet agree with certain things. had this show gone to
    CW and some better writers then the show would be a hell of a lot better.
    still have cool points for having alex, winn, jonn, jimmy (honestly though
    him and kara lack that chemistry she has with the rest of the cast) and the
    flash crossover. they shouldnt close that door. makes things excitng. we
    need all out war in the finale though!


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