Supergirl Review: Season 2 Episode 3

Let’s talk about Supergirl Review: Season 2, Episode 3.


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  1. Ive been a big defendant of this show from day 1 but I just really didnt
    enjoy this episode. It was SO HEAVY HANDED. I liked Mon-El, and there were
    some great moments like Snapper calling out Kara for being so clearly
    biased when reporting (more unbelievable than an alien that shoots fire
    lol)but it was dampened by being hypocritical by being so biased itself.

    I also seriously disliked Maggie Sawyer. She really annoyed me. Finally
    give Winn and James some screen time! They were huge parts of the first
    season, and I especially liked Winn, but theyre being relegated to c list
    characters while they try to force everyone to like Maggie Sawyer.

  2. You asked us to comment on the darkest evilest cruelest pointless gory
    deaths. Well I do not want to spoil it for you but episode 17 when LOBO [
    played by Rory McCann] joins the show, has it all.

  3. I liked everyone in this episode…except the leads. Supergirl and Alex
    pissed me off this episode with their attitudes and portrayals. everyone
    else especially the President (our amazing Wonder Woman). And I feel like
    all we have seen of Supergirl this season so far is a fan girl: first with
    her cousin Superman and now with the president. I hope they fix her because
    everything else is great

  4. Supergirl in S1 focused mainly on “women in society” issues (which though
    was overpowering at times, I still felt it warranted a voice). Now I think
    they’ve learnt how to “show” strong women rather than “tell” who is a
    strong woman, so that’s the biggest improvement I can see. I think their
    theme in this episode (and hopefully continued in the season) with
    immigration is a great step forward and makes this show unique and more
    thoughtful that Flash/Arrow/Legends so I really like where they’re going!
    Keep up the reviews Rawrist, you say it like it is 🙂
    Also, Jimmy needs to go :-/

  5. Supergirl is more experienced using her powers? She needs training…lots
    and lots of training. Episode 2 (I think you mentioned this one): stands on
    a car during her fight with Metallo and does nothing except provide a
    target. What the…? The writers are doing the “cute Kara’ thing a bit too

  6. Most of the crispy critters were male agents. Why would any care what
    happened to them? Save the Hillary. Year two of series, time to introduce
    girl on girl. Big political issue in real life, time to transfer it show
    and make it glaring. Martian Manhunter walks into Alien Bar for first time
    and bingo finds a last girl Martian. That is a lot of baggage, but still
    liked the show. Still, compass swinging south.

  7. I was a little unsettled by the number of aliens living on earth. When did
    earth become an alien hotspot? How did they all get here? Suddenly there
    are so many that they are common place, not to mention economically and
    politically relevant. And to top it off, Lynda Carter is a secret alien.
    Weak. By the way, about those earrings….


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