Supergirl 2×14 REACTION!! ‘Homecoming’

Aaron and Melanie react to and discuss Supergirl Season 2 Episode 14 “Homecoming”

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  1. I like Supergirl’s season 2, but this episode is the most stupid of the two seasons.

    1. A government agency that does not make a serious debrief on an agent kidnapped by the enemy for 15 years and that reinstated it after only three days.

    2. Martian Manhunter who for three days forgets that he is telepathic before seeing this betrayal of his own and this fact beat not by Metalo but by a scientist with a robotic arm (without missile or thermal ray), not a simple one Robot arm.

    Alex when she says to Karra “you are with the family or not”, I heard “you are stupid or not” is of course nobody excuses it with Mon-El haha.

  2. PLEASE watch Ismahawk’s Nightwing: The Series! It’s 5 parts, and the production quality is EXTREMELY impressive for a youtube series!

  3. I thought this episode was so pointless and dumb. We all knew Jeremiah was up to no good so the drama around it all just fell flat. You could probably cut everything but the end scene and it’d communicate the same amount as the full episode.

  4. I had lots of issues with this episode.
    1. High security facility= No need to check people that you know?
    2. MMH is cool with him not being able to read his mind and being cool with it because reasons I guess?
    3. They were dumber then teens in slasher movies….

  5. As soon as I saw Jeremiah I thought it was a trap. For a top secret government agency, they are not paranoid enough.

  6. I felt they all pronounced Mxyzptlk the same way, just some did it quicker than others which would combine some syllables.

  7. Maybe the case files thing was just for him to create that workaround into the system so that he could, later, attach the device to transfer the files.

  8. I agree with Melanie about “Who is Monel”. In the opening scene of ep 2×04 when Kara says “The royal family of Daxam was the worst; and the prince was rumored to be the worst of the worst. Frat boy of the Universe!”” and Mon-el reacts saying “He had his good moments too”. It seemed like he was talking about himself :)So I think He is really Prince of Daxam and he just run away from his planet. And I almost sure that on Daxam he was mated with someone))) Maybe that`s why he escaped from there?)))))

  9. I do have one question.. what is monel doing at Deo headquarters.. in middle of everything..just Bcz he is a friend..???..even in critical areas..bfr u say thr r others..
    Winn is a IT guy
    Eliza is a doctor who help Deo from time to time
    Alex kara are part of Deo
    James as I remember was pushed out of Deo
    maggie is thr u vl say but she is a cop from science Department n knw ABT Deo..n I HV never seen her standing in core area..
    injured twice..arresting Lena episode.
    n here is monel roaming around freely..I don’t understand why?..he is like any other alien who came to earth..why such a special treatment to him irrespective of fact that u don’t knw a thing ABT him..he could well be a spy..James couldn’t enter..but he can sit in core area not done.

  10. In order to make Mon-El seem like he has a point or is helpful they had to dumb everyone else down. No one would have ever missed this, but the writers gave this plot to Mon-El and that’s how it went. It took away Man Hunters agency in the show. Also Jeremiah is now “bad” to them so any secret that Mon-el was holding on to is safe for now.

  11. I have always thought that there were never using J’onn to his full potential but come on he could have easily beaten Jeremiah with telekinesis or even just removed the device that was put onto the computer with it.

  12. that train scene was a complete throw back to the old so superman cartoons when superman used heat vision to magically repair train tracks while saving trains


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