Supergirl 1×10 kara and Winn kiss scene


Supergirl 1×10 kara and Winn kiss scene

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  1. God, i ship them SO HARD! I know most people say that they most likely not gonna happen, but i really don't care; not when i see their incredible chemisty and when i see how Winn looks at her. This kiss was so unpredictable, but it just felt right. I mean, Winn was hurt and Kara was there for him and she was comforting him and she was SO close, so when she touched his hand, he couldn't handle it anymore. So he kissed her. It was more like a reflex, an impulsive response. But he needed to kiss her, because he needed to take the pain away, and he knows that only Kara can do that. So really, i don't care what everyone says… i think they are beautiful and too precious for this world and I AM SHIPPING IT. And those who don't ship them, they are simply blind. So there.

  2. Kara's "Um." moment freaking killed me in this. I feel like these two have chemistry, but they're just… really out of sync in their emotional thinking, and I honestly have to give the show credit for pulling this one. It's honestly really true-to-life, which isn't something I'd say for the earlier seasons of Arrow as a comparison point.In this episode we had Winn in a really high-stress situation, and in the midst of that he just suddenly kisses someone. We've seen that situation before in these types of shows- or I have, at least- but usually the other person just kinda… goes with it, especially when the two are portrayed as having some degree of chemistry. But here, Kara straight up just pulled back and said "Um." because there's a lot these two haven't talked about, and Kara's someone who seems to want to talk things through instead of just "going with it."I'm really interested to see if they make this into a small discussion about consent. Just what everyone else is on the edge of their seat over, I'm sure, but hear me out.Winn's whole speech here was about how he's just this timebomb or whatever, right? How his dad said to him, and he keeps thinking that at some point he's just going to do something really stupid that'll ruin his life and/or somebody else's. Then he does something that doesn't seem too stupid at the time, but in hindsight uh… maybe was, and kisses Kara then and there.Now, let's say Kara had just "gone with it," right? I honestly think she does harbor feelings for Winn, at least on some level, and if she'd just taken the cue to act on them physically, then and there, shippers might've been happy, at least for a bit, but what if things… escalated?Let's put it this way- there's… a lot we don't know about Kara. But what we do know is that she's very, very, strong- and could probably tear a person apart very, very, easily- perhaps not even purposefully. Kisses she could probably handle, but… what if things start going… really well, you know? Maybe not then and there, but again, this is a TV show, and that all depends on how far we stretch the "going with it" thing, right- but even then you risk going into "let's start a family" trope a couple seasons down the road. At the very least, this should be reason enough to understand why Kara would want to think things over instead of "going with it" or even "going FOR it" the way Winn kinda was in this scene.It speaks to a larger theme though; that there are just so many ways that going headlong into somebody's arms, lips, or any of it- can just go horribly, horribly wrong. A few reaally good ways it can go right- but there are a lottt of ways it can go wrong. Whether one of you has superpowers or naw.And I think what it comes down to is… with some people, you really have to talk about these things first. Sure, it can be really enjoyable to do the "going with it" thing, but… other times you've really got to talk about what a kiss for example would actually truly MEAN, why you're doing it, what you want- and it would be nice to see Kara really explain what she's looking for in a romantic interest, as well as what Winn would, and through that discussion we could see two people who maybe even want similar things come to an agreement on how exactly they're looking to GET there, y'know? Maybe I'm hoping for too much with this show, but I mean… we got Martian Manhunter, r-right?

  3. how do you know this was her first kiss? On the pilot episode she went on a blind date so maybe it ain't her first rodeo.

  4. Once your in the friend zone you never get out. "I don't want things to change." – translation – I only want you to be my friend and listen to me talk about other men. I love the show but I hate the dumb love triangle.

  5. heartbreaking ! i love them so much ! when is she going to understand that she loves him ? after all, Jimmy is already in a relationship. but with her real husband coming to the show… she will be lost in her feelings XD


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