Super7 Masters Of The Universe Classics Ultimate Edition Reveals At New York Comic Con 2016!

Pixel Dan breaks down the new MOTU Classics Reveals from Super7 at New York Comic Con!

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  1. For someone like myself who started collecting MotUC later, this is super
    exciting news! Hopefully they’ll also announce a Beastman re-issue soon! As
    for Thundercats Classics, fingers crossed!

  2. Great news, thank you for this update Dan!! Things are looking good, I feel
    very optimistic about the continuation of MOTUC

  3. In my book, the problem never was Mattel’s pricing. It was always the
    shipping and handling. It was always too much for someone who is only
    interested in a figure or two.

  4. I LOVE them!!!
    I bought many of the later classics line through Matty collector, my only
    wish is that Super 7 can strike up some deal to be able to get these into
    retail stores worldwide, because I would go for broke if they appeared in
    stores and deffo buy dupes so I can do both in box and out .. PLEASE super
    7 send them directly down under mates !!!!

    Release a True to form Masters of the Universe movie and make the world
    want them again like we all did back in the day.

  5. I’ve been collecting this line from the start have every single figure. So
    you know I’ll be buying all these Super7 Ultimate editions. Oh yeah baby!!!

  6. nice video, totally agree I was hoping for some new packaging as well,
    something more vintage related like you said would have been very nice and
    would have def brought in some in buyers.

  7. They’re cool looking for what appear to be re-releases of Four Horsemen
    molds with added accessory packs but when are we going to see all original
    sculpts for the extra price? Not to mention newer figures which have not
    already been released. I want to see what Super 7 is capable of.

  8. Just heard the packaging comment and now they truly sound like recycled
    products with accessory packs. Here’s hoping the Thundercats line does not
    go in the same direction.

  9. Thank you for the updates! I missed out on Filmation Skeletor and hope he
    gets a reissue under Super7. Maybe also a human skin Stratos! And yes,

  10. thanks dan for up date news.. I agree with the packageing they should make
    it different. instead of the green bricks. they got to refresh super 7

  11. Now if only Skeletor would come with a Filmation head as well, I would be
    sold. And my Skeletor and Keldor probably as well lol

  12. I always hated the drab green brick classics packaging. I’m with Dan, the
    retro packaging would be so much better


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