Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic Netflix TV Series Movement! Rogue One Trailer Easter Eggs!


Thanks for watching Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Netflix TV Series Movement and New easter egg from Rogue One Trailer 3.

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  1. I would love a Darth Bane Netflix series, then we would have a more adult
    oriented Star Wars story on top of the movies like how we do with the
    Marvel Netflix shows & movies. 

  2. Im swearing to you guys, right here, on this random youtube comment, that i
    will smear peanutbutter on myself and run around naked through the streets
    if they actually make a kotor netflix series.

  3. If it ever happens I think it should be darker and more serious in tone
    compared to the Star Wars movies. Kind of like how the Marvel Netflix TV
    shows are compared to the Marvel movies.

  4. NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NO STAR WARS TV SHOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY SHOULD BE

  5. About the whole news thing, there is a SWBF3 MOD in development for SWBF2
    so hopefully we will see some of the leaked content from that game coming
    back since its initial shutdown and then the galaxy in turmoil’s
    restriction on the use of star wars assets.

  6. I would LOVE to see an animated or non animated Revan. I Never played Star
    Wars The Old Republic but I’ve done my fair share of research on characters
    from that time period and Revan became of my favorite characters from star
    wars entirely. I filled out a petition and I’m pretty sure ot was my first
    I’ve ever filled out before XD now that this has been on my mind I’ve
    wanted to pick up a Revan Black Series figure. I Love having something from
    the movies, like comics or physical stuff like figures, it just adds a lot
    more to everything. I can still actually remember having lightsaber battles
    with my cousin when I was younger, heck i play around with my little
    cousins who like star wars. sorry for this essay XD I just want this Old
    Republic series to come true. May the Force be with You.

  7. KOTOR 1 and 2 were my favorite games growing up and the stories are some of
    the best in Star Wars.. I need KOTOR in my life again.

  8. the world of Kevin J Anderson come to life. He was the one who created Exar
    Kun. He gave life to the Old Republic in the comics Tales of the Jedi saga
    back in the 90s. He began all.

  9. I think you’re giving Disney a little too much credit by ascribing some
    kind of master plan to bring Kotor back to them. Things like Malachor and
    the Hammerhead ship show up in Rebels because Filoni loves the Legends
    universe. And the Hammerhead is probably in Rogue One because Disney is
    aware that the movie takes place very close to the timeline of Rebels,
    which tells the story of how the Rebellion got those ships. As much as I
    would to see Kotor 3 and a tv series, I just don’t think it’s likely any
    time soon. My guess is that if it does happen, they’re going to wait for
    the Old Republic MMO (which is part of the Legends continuity) to run its
    course and end so that Disney can essentially reboot that timeline and
    bring it into the Storygroup canon.

  10. It would really be nice to see KotOR stuff! that said, the republic ships
    you see in rebels is of a design style that simply has been in use for
    millenia, and was actually first used in episode 1… Before kotor used the
    design. If you want to see it for yourself, just check out the republic
    ship obi-wan and qui-gon arrive with in the beginning of the movie!

  11. I hope they don’t make the series kid like. Doesn’t seem like they will but
    it would be dissapointing if they cut out important deaths. I wanna see my
    favorite characters die on screen


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