Star Wars Black Series Hovertank Pilot Review Rogue One Toys R Us Exclusive

I knew I would be excited to get new Hasbro Star Wars Black Series figures for Rogue One, especially with the sheer amount of trooper types that we’re getting with the new movie. So when it was announced that the Hovertank Pilot would be exclusive to Toys R Us on Force Friday I knew where I would be at midnight. I didn’t know how awesome the figure would be though…

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  1. I think this is my favorite trooper design from the new movie, but I want
    to wait to see a model kit. Also, seeing the movie to know how long this
    look is even shown onscreen would be nice, though honestly not necessary.

  2. The one rogue one figure from black series that I have yet to get… my TRU
    didn’t have it and it’s overpriced online. Looks awesome tho, can’t wait to
    get it.

  3. TOO FUCKING EXPENSIVE!!! $60 on Amazon…seriously! If this level of
    scalping continues for all these figures, I think I’ll pass on Star Wars
    collecting this year.

  4. I’m guessing that he misses the grey lines of the armor because it’s
    “exclusive”. We could probably see other version in the future

  5. Want this and the rest if the wave but my local toy store that sells black
    series stille has a zuvio and poe dameron hoping they get the wave.
    one of the many great things about living in the Netherlands

  6. Definitely will get this! I’m planning to split the Rogue One figures
    between Black Series and SHF ones. I’m torn between the SHF Scarif Trooper
    or Hasbro’s one….. Maybe…. I’ll get both. Dammit.

  7. Everyone keeps gushing over this figure and going on and on about how
    amazing looking it looks…
    And I don’t get it lol. To me, this figure is ugly as heck. It’s mainly the
    helmet…it looks totally goofy to me. I don’t like the helmet…especially
    the HUGE chunk of plastic molded on his forehead (lol just makes it look
    really dumb IMO)…and his boots, especially the part that wraps around his
    lower legs…they just seem slightly too big to me, adding to the goofy
    look of this figure.
    lol sorry for the vent…I just don’t get the love this figure is getting.

  8. I don’t army build or anything so I’ll probably still wait on the Figuarts
    but one thing I appreciate about this figure is the weathering, dirt and
    grime, something I wish Figuarts did more with as far as their troopers go.
    I bet even a Figuarts sand trooper would still look pretty Fresh Off the
    Transport. But one line can’t win em all.. Come to think of it, though,
    with that in mind it would go great with my Black Series sand trooper. I’ll
    pick it up if I see it on the shelf for that reason alone but not worth the
    crazy Ebay/Amazon prices.

  9. I think I’m going for the black series hover tank driver
    instead of the double price shf hover tank driver

  10. I am going to stick with the Figuarts driver, considering that they upped
    the price of TBS figures here in Germany (37 Dollars!) and I just dig the
    clean look, especially of the helmet and it’s mouth part but yeah, it looks
    ike Hasbro did a pretty good job on the Hovertank pilot. I hope you can
    find more of these!

  11. This one and the Scarif trooper look so awesome – I’m not digging the Death
    trooper that much. Thanks for the review, Robo :)

  12. This is the Tank Pilot who sits at the front of the tank and drives. I’m
    sure they will come out with a repaint for the Hover Tank Commander with
    the grey striping.

  13. I wonder if these Tank Drivers, Death Troopers, and Shore Troopers are the
    last vestiges of the clones. We are seeing Stormtroopers which in this film
    are the new and improved Imperial Forces with these battles being a kind of
    purge of the old.

  14. I love the outdoors shots! Absolutely brilliant! I really like the fact
    that hasbro version comes with plain armor, I think I like it more thhhan
    the figuarts version with markings (although figuarts wins as far as
    sharpness of details is concerned – also, the silhouette seems to be bit
    more idealized, which is also a bonus for me :)

  15. I still think the Figuarts is better, when you look at the black series
    figure from the front, it’s arm’s look thin and long, the Figuarts version
    is better proportioned from the bicep and leg area.

  16. Hey Fwoosh, how’re ya, I haven’t watched much of my YouTube faves since
    just b4 SDCC. anyway I recalled that in your review for the stormtrooper w/
    the BIG~ASS Rifle, you weren’t sure of the name or no. anywho, I just
    checked my Topps cards for you, & on his card he’s called simply:
    ‘STORMTROOPER W/SONN-BLAS FWMB-10’. Whatever in the hell that means!? &
    lets see, Oh, took ur info & went to eBay & ordered a “fugazi” shadow
    trooper-&just literally half hour ago bout 11:50PM NY TIME, snatched a
    Death-Trooper from Target. Awesome vids- as usual, & yer still cracking me
    up! Ciao

  17. The elbow/right wrist fix makes this 10 out of 10. What really killed the
    Force Awakens line was the terrible elbow/right wrist articulation of the
    1st Order Stormtroopers and Snowtroopers. You simply could not put them in
    any gun shooting poses. And any trooper that can’t create a true shooting
    pose is worthless.


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