Spiderman vs Deadpool [THE RAP BATTLE] Extended + Remastered


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Unofficial Episode: Spiderman vs Deadpool Extended + Remastered

It’s the wall crawling Spiderman going back up against the merc with the mouth Deadpool in this Remastered Rap Battle! This time the two have an extra verse to get their blows in! Who is truly the greater warrior? Who’s skills are unmatched? Who’s the ultimate fan favorite? And, most importantly, who’s the better battle rapper?!

Vote for the winner & let me know which episodes from Season 1 & 2 you’d like to see re-done with some added heat!

(This special edition won’t count towards the rappers battle records, its for bragging rights!)

Thanks & Enjoy!


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  1. Deadpool bounced back hard, Real hard, but Spider already killed him in the 1st and 2nd verses. Spidy wins deadpool was dead dead long ago.


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