Spider-Man Homecoming Entire Opening Confirmed & Other Details

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  1. does anyone think they’ll show a scene from the movie like Captain America Civil War it’ll show them fighting

  2. If we lived in a perfect world Sony would give Marvel Spider-Man, Fox would give Marvel the Fantastic Four &a the X Men, and Universal would give Marvel the Hulk.

  3. someone name all the MCU characters appearing in 2017 including Netflix series and Captain America in homecoming trailer

  4. Fans are saying Sony is full of shit but at least he was in MCU but fox won’t let go or share Deadpool , X-Men ff4 oh wait Marvel/Disney don’t allowed R rated R films. Be great full Spidey is in the MCU because we will never ever , ever , ever see Deadpool , Dr Doom , and other characters in the MCU so fans stfu and be great full

  5. Maybe that’s why Sony wants to make their own spider-man universe, the MCU didn’t confirmed the fucking opening from Homecoming till now…

  6. If Sony tries to be funny I wouldn’t mind if the MCU killed Spider-Man as much as it would hurt me..I can’t stand Sony that much

  7. And how do “we” know this? Youve “confirmed” things before that have NOT been confirmed… so is it actually confirmed or are you just repeating sometjing you heard?

  8. What’s so exciting about dis I mean doesn’t every movie has its own opening like I’m confused if it’s what I think it is it’s nothing unique or badass or cool as awesome at all for a movie

  9. It’s so annoying how people are still going nuts about the whole alien invasion in New York in The Avengers. That movie was so 5 years ago. I guess people will never move on from that. They still act like it’s the greatest thing that ever happened in cinema history.


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