Spider-Man Gets The Infinity Gauntlet?!


The Infinity Gauntlet is a six-issue comic book limited series published by Marvel Comics from July to December in 1991. The series was written by Jim Starlin and penciled by George Pérez and Ron Lim.



  1. Omg Infinity gauntlet & war videos coming in the future !!! F yeah!! You heard me Rob!! lol Thank you thank you!! #ComicsExplainedLife

  2. So I’m not telling you what to do or anything BUUUUT, if you put the audio from these into like a podcast kinda format thing, I would totally subscribe because honestly, A lot of the time I listen to this in the background. Soo… just an idea. You do you.

  3. After this video when you reminded me of the Living Tribunal in the MCU I saw an interesting connection. Mordo uses the “Staff of the Living Tribunal” when teaching Strange about magic artifacts. As Rob explained, the Living Tribunal is meant to maintain balance in the natural order of the Marvel universe. In the movie, Mordo hates it when the Ancient One and Strange violate what he perceives to be the natural law when they tap into the dark dimension or screw with time (respectively). Also, at the end of the movie, Mordo refuses to stay and help with the enemies to come because of this belief, just like the Living Tribunal refuses to stop Thanos.

    I know it probably means nothing, but I just thought it was an interesting parallel. (Also, I have no idea what Mordo is like in the comics and if this behavior directly follows his personality/origin in the comics, then I guess this was all for naught. Oh well.

  4. Thor’s black uru arm was a gift commissioned by Odin , made by dwarves. It took just as much energy and effort to make it as Mjolnir, they’re basically the same in terms of material and strength, minus the magical capabilities of the hammer.

  5. your audio is different in the videos the past few months. I dont know how to describe it, but its very “sharp” on your ears. your old videos had a much smoother audio. I have to turn down the volume a ton on these.

  6. someone will be the heart and soul of Infinity War. If it’s not Nebula, I’d put my money on Captain Marvel or SpiderMan. getting the Gauntlet and being faced with bringing back his uncle Ben? in the middle of a cosmic war that’s waaaay bigger than him is the epitome of the selfishness and shortsighted nature of a kid.

    It’d be cool to watch.

  7. Rob I thought the Ultimate Hammer of Thor was supposed to be technology based, by humans? Or did it change some time in the Ultimate Comics?

  8. That is the worst part about the Marvel/Fox/Sony split. Wolverine and Spiderman are basically in every major Marvel story along with a handful of others.

  9. Cool video, really enjoyed your Infinity Gauntlet series. Can’t wait for it to be re-mastered 🙂 Enjoy your time in Orlando and Wrestle Mania.


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