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Speedy Gonzales movie with Eugenio Derbez! If Zack Snyder is fired from Justice League 2017, which director should take over?

Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph gives you the latest movie news today! Warner Bros Animation is planning a Speedy Gonzales movie with Eugenio Derbez! Will this animated movie do Mexico proud? And will you see the spanish language version? Then if Warner Bros does fire Zack Snyder from Justice League 2017, which director should replace him? Are you excited about a Speedy Gonzales movie? Should Zack Snyder be fired? Be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today!

Speedy Movie – 00:00
Bautista in Blade Runner – 5:03
Netflix’s National Lampoon – 8:22
Viewer Question – 13:00

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  1. I feel kinda sorry for Mr. Snyder should he be fired Grace, I enjoyed Man
    of Steel and still watch it from time to time. The fight scenes are second
    to none though I acknowledge the plot and narrative flaws.My feeling though
    is that perhaps Warner Bros. shouldn’t be pushing Batman to the front so
    much, as good as Affleck’s performance was, the DCEU is suffering from
    centering it around him. Execs may be thinking Batman=money and while they
    have a point, audiences can get bored of this stuff, as much as I like the
    character, im all Batmanned out and would like Superman or heck, even the
    Flash to be pushed forward in the movieverse.BvS didn’t feel like a Zack
    Snyder movie, it felt like, he was making Man of Steel2 and then some exec
    said, .”put Batman in it, Marvels going into phase 3,” and then, as they
    were filming, “put the Justice league in there,the focus groups like that”
    AND THEN…”hey Terio, this needs to have more Batman, cut out some of
    Cavill’s lines and focus more on Batman, oh and let Zack know about it on
    Monday. Oh, he’s filmed that part already? Meh. We’ll cut it out and
    reshoot” Superman can’t win or we lose money, kids wont buy merch from a
    loser”….Thank Zeus Gal Gadot nailed the parts she was given, otherwise I
    would have walked out of the theater crying…and not because of…well,
    you know..that last part.

  2. Grace congrats on approaching 500,000 BTT (half a million) subscribers!
    Tyrone Magnus went from 300,000 to over 500,000 by sending out a press
    release that NBC picked up. Get to writing young lady and reach 1 million

  3. DREDD! You know if that film had saved the money it spent on its 3D budget
    and instead payed for cgi flying cars and robots, as well as a proper big
    ‘John Woo’-action scene towards the finale, then it would have hit like
    Deadpool. Instead ‘The Raid’ stole its thunder and ‘Looper’ stole the genre
    fans those few weekends it was in the theatres…

  4. I don’t think that it’s the experimental nature of BvS that’s damaged the
    movie, it’s the lack of thought process and characterisation of at least
    Superman which rather than making you sympathise with him left you
    scratching your head at what is he about.

  5. This Speedy thing could be great like a lot of ideas out of Hollywood, but
    the execution turns it into a shitshow. This the same industry that is
    making 5-6 movies over the next few years with partially or entirely
    whitewashed casts that should be Asian.

  6. I don’t think Snyder should be fired! I just think that he needs some help
    to make JL a great movie! Also, I dont want to wait a long time again for
    another reboot! I just want a Justice League movie already!

  7. Before you go and ditch Snyder and Terrio consider this

    What Snyder is known to be good at (casting, action, shot and scene
    composition) is excellent. Both in BvS and in MoS.
    What Terrio is being criticized for (the plot, pacing, structure,
    characters, logic etc) are problems that eixisted in MoS as well.

    Give Snyder a compact, well written, well plotted story to tell and he will
    make an excellent beautiful, epic, action packed awesome looking movie. The
    thing is that BvS (and MoS) isn’t a compact well written well plotted
    story. It doesn’t have a coherent theme, it doesn’t have a clear idea of
    who and what the characters are and it shows.

    Substantial parts of the film (Nairomi, Senate, Well, White Portugese, Nuke
    etc) could have been cut out without affecting the rest of the movie at
    all. Multiple themes are introduced but not resolved, (the 1% certainty,
    owing the world nothing, lois and martha being his home, freaks in clown
    suits and the loss of good people etc), multiple set ups are never resolved
    (trying to set up the universe), the characters aren’t consistent (e.g.
    going from 1% = certainty to, omg random trivia means we are friends now)
    or even consistent with their own values.

    More than anything this movie feels like it was made by committee. If the
    same committee decides that Snyder should be to blame for making an
    bloated, incoherent and unsubtle movie when he had a bloated, incoherent
    and unsubtle script without addressing why the script was bloated,
    incoherent and unsubtle. Terrio was brought in BECAUSE the script was
    unsatisfactory and it is quite possible that he was simply not capable to
    maneuvering the politics of getting it fixed.

    That brings me to the root cause, at least as I see it. The lack of a clear
    guiding hand capable of doing studio politics. Snyder is not
    management.There was no clear idea of what makes Superman Superman or what
    makes Batman. The movies deliberately contradicts the ethic and spirit of
    the characters which is firmly established in the western cannon (just like
    Robin Hood or Julius Caesar or Star Wars) without doing so for a clear and
    intelligible reason (unlike The Dark Knight which manages to make Batman’s
    main motivation be to stop being Batman without causing fan uproar). The
    movie doesn’t have a clear theme or idea, it tries to have seven.

    I don’t want to watch Punisher v Hyperion: Dawn of Vengence, because that’s
    what this movie was. Meanwhile, Daredevil did “Under the Red Hood” right.

    That said, I’m happy to watch any move directed by, but not written or
    produced by Snyder.

  8. even though he probably would never come to WB i still think that Nolan is
    the director with the most creative touch while dealing with the source
    but i could imagine some of your suggestions work too (i.e. Peter Jackson)

  9. Sack Snyder is not a smart or intellectual director, his work is a big
    example of style over substance, he doesn’t think about the consequences or
    the backlash when creating his movies

  10. But I don’t think sack Snyder needs t be fired. His work is always visually
    stunning, and whilst it often lacks thought or depth, all he needs is a
    fantastic writer to bring all that back in. It’s clear what he’s good at is
    bringing things right from the page onto the big screen, the only problem
    is, what he’s bringing seems extremely lacking, and he needs someone to
    point this out to him, and to reel him back in

  11. i also think they wont fire snyder, it seems they start shooting JL the
    next monday, so.. but i think is wrong, i hate that guy for ruining such
    beautiful and amazing characthers, i was so excited and hopeful with this
    movie , and i think warner i sjust very dumb for let snyder continue with
    this, i dont get it ,the movie failed with money, a movie with batman and
    superman in the title at least has to make 2 billion, but no,!!!! only 700
    for the bad critics


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