Sneak Peek At ‘Teen Titans: The Judas Contract’ | EXTENDED REACTION



  1. PLease get rid of damian or stop pushing him so hard on us, make him a
    background character or as involved as blue beetle is. Most people like tt
    due to core older members, dick, wally, star, bb, raven and so on

  2. Deathstroke is a Anti – Hero . infected Deadpool creation was inspired by
    Deathstroke . He likes Marvel’s Deathstroke but he talks a lot and he can
    break the fourth wall unlike but that why we love him so much .

  3. yeah, skipping this.

    It just feels too messy. This should be Dick’s team, seeing some young Kid
    Flash instead of an older Wally makes no sense. Dick in red is also dumb.
    Damian being here doesn’t fill me with confidence, either.

  4. I like this version of Starfire, sexy but not a slut. Also I guess Terra’s
    character is going to be somewhere between 80’s comics and 03’s cartoon.


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