Secret Empire #6 By Mark Brooks – Marvel Quickdraw

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Producer: Judy Stephens
Director of Photography: Jason Latorre
Editor: Michael Arginsky
PA: Jason Harvey
Thanks to Mark Brooks

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  1. Got to say all the covers so far look amazing, if I wasnt going to get the series for the story I would get it for the covers

  2. I enjoy reading unworthy Thor but in the end he didn’t pick up the Ultimate Hammer which is a disappointing end.

  3. Love this video 😀 As an artist myself it’s great to hear something from the artist- especially backstories 🙂 His way to work is fascinating <3 ! Great job, great art, great video 😀

  4. the art in the recent Thor comics is just sooo good, I’m sorry I only watch comicstorian, once I get my place Ima start buying comics more often

  5. Marvel you should make some kind of deal with fox to make DeadPool a avenger because Hugh Jackman left so Ryan Reynolds DeadPool character is the next big Avenger but try not to make the movies rated R, try to keep it PG-13 PLS!!! but turning DeadPool into a avenger can bring the X-Men to the MCU

  6. Honestly Unworthy Thor #5 was such a letdown, and used. baiting at that, making us think Thor would fight Thanos: shame on Jason Aaron. Just shame. Good to know that She-Thor won’t last long, I’ll give her the end of year or til Ragnarok. Us true Thor fans will re-unite!
    P.S. Hope Thor will actually be in Secret Empire, no BS.

  7. Did anyone else notice the artist called him Thor! Not silly Odinson!
    Oh I hope he can fly and get an enchant on his weapon so that it will return to him.
    I want to see some god powers not a strong man with an ax.

  8. Mark Brooks is one of my biggest inspirations in art. Amazing video!
    Please have Adi Granov or Sara Pichelli next! Much love!


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