Rogue One A Star Wars Story Running Time Revealed!!!

Today we have some great news for Rogue One A Star Wars Story and it has to do with the running time!


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  1. 133 minutes? Good! I was hoping for 140 minutes, because I want so much
    stuff to be in it; but, this is very good. Well, that’s enough running time
    to fill 2 CDs and/or 4 LPs of original score, which I actually hope they
    offer us as an option, and NOT a 1 Dsic, 1 LP highlights release. I hate
    those! Thanks a lot for the info, Mike. This means that Mr. Giacchino is
    already at work on the score, since the running time is established.

  2. As long as Rogue One is over 2 hrs, I’m ok with that. As for Ep. 8, I’d
    also like to see that around 2 hrs and 15 or 20 mins before the credits. In
    addition, every deleted scene should be included flawlessly into the blu
    ray. The Force Awakens blu ray was horrible with regards to the deleted
    scenes. I’d love to see Rian give us bonus footage already integrated into
    the movie on blu ray.

  3. Based on the running time it’s seems like it’s going to be pretty fast
    paced? Which makes sense based on the story. I like this

  4. mike your channel is all about star wars, just wondering why your back drop
    for your videos is still a dart board lol… so random considering how much
    you love the movies. ha

  5. I share your opinion I really wish to see Episode VIII been longer in
    running time. I was hoping Rogue One to be around that time and not be far
    longer than A New Hope. I like all movies on a Trilogy sharing similar
    running times, but I do hope they pass the time limit set by Attack of the
    Clones of 2:14:21 [VHS] and 2:15:52 [Digital]. Don’t ask me why the
    difference, because I still haven’t found it. I do love The Terminator
    Effect with Judgment day been almost 40 minutes longer than its
    predecessor, but I’ll be more than happy with 140 minutes of pure film. I
    just hope Lucasfilms does better than Marvel that convinced me to go see
    Age of Ultron guarantying that it was I don’t know how long and it was just
    2:11:08 seconds which means 3:36 longer than the first one.


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