Rogue One A Star Wars Story Ending Scene Prognostication

Today I will give my prognostication of the Rogue One A Star Wars Story Ending Scene and how it could tie into star wars a new hope. I sure hope the Rogue One ending will be a good one, there have been some rogue one ending leaks in the past that were most likely false but today i will give my rogue one ending prediction as best as I can! The Rogue One ending leaked rumor entailed a de-aged carrie fisher playing a young princess leia which i think is false.


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  1. I think we’ll see someone like Jyn or maybe even Baal Organa send the plans
    through some kind of communication system.

    Remember in A New Hope, Vader said that there were several transmissions
    beamed to the ship and he wanted to know what happened to the plans they
    sent her.

    So someone sends the plans to her ship. Maybe Krennic discovers where they
    were sent and sends coordinates to Vader on his Star Destroyer and Vader
    head off in pursuit to intercept the ship.

    I think we’ll see R2 recieve the communication and go into Leia’s quarters
    to tell her about the communication.

    I think they’ll have someone with a body very similar to Carrie Fisher in
    1977 so we’ll get a shot of the arm and maybe a view from behind as she
    speaks with someone like Baal Organa telling her to go to Tatooine to find

    Carrie Fisher may even do a voice over. And though we never see the face of
    the actress, we can get a little dialog.

    I also agree, it should end with a shot of her ship approaching Tatooine
    with the last shot being a Star Destroyer coming out of hyperspace right
    behind her ship, and cut to black.

  2. I’d like to see bail organa or captain antilles….more bail organa though,
    id like to know why he sent his daughter to go looking for obi wan & not

  3. All the rebels will die in Rogue One. The last of them will be slaughtered
    at the hands of Darth Vader. All the freedom fighters will sacrifice
    themselves, or switch sides, to preserve the cause. Jyn Erso will be the
    last survivor. She’ll try to take out the dark lord, herself, with an
    explosion, killing her but leaving Darthy alive, to get some new duds. A
    cloaked figure will kneel before limb-less Vader, while he recovers in the
    bathna tank. The cloaked man speaks, “My master.” The voice is familiar to
    us, the audience.Anakin lifts his weary head, looking at the man.The
    cloaked man turns out to be the blind guy, who was secretly working for the
    baddies all along. He reports, “The Death Star plans have fallen into enemy
    hands.”The cloaked figure grabs his own throat.Darth Vader chokes the life
    out of his apprentice.

  4. Why would we see R2D2 getting the plans? Surely it only receives them from
    Leia when they are captured by the star destroyer and are about to be
    boarded by Imperial forces and the mission is in jeopardy? Which they of
    course copied to a tee in EPVII

  5. They could have secretly hired Billie Lourd, Carrie’s daughter who looks so
    much like her at the age she was in ’77 that it would be a mind—blowing
    experience, the obsessed fans that we are we will lose our collective minds
    if the powers that be did that. Billie Lourd was in a scene in The Force
    Awakens in the ‘war room’ scene. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that
    scene. I hope you are right about the end and I hope Billie is in the

  6. R2 doesnt get the plans until after the Tantive 4 is borded. The Tantive 4
    gets the plans beamed aboard, they are then downloaded and inserted on disc
    to R2. I think the last thing Jyn Erso will do is upload and beam the plans
    to the Tantive 4, then she is taken out. It would be confusing as a stand
    alone film to suddenly show R2, unless there is a big plot point that the
    plans must be uploaded and sent to the Tantive 4 before Erso is killed,
    captured, or maybe even there is a countdown self destruct sequence and
    Erso had to upload and beam the plans before the countdown reaches zero. I
    think she will sacrifice herself for the rebellion. However, it would be
    very interesting if the film ends with her being captured and it is said
    she will be taken to the Death Star. Then, fans will wonder if she was on
    the Death Star when it was destroyed in A New Hope. Maybe we could see her
    rescue in Rogue 2?

  7. Artoo can’t get the plans, Leia gives them to him after the Tantive IV is
    boarded at the start of Episode IV. I’m sure the ship will appear and I
    suspect it will be well before the closing scene. If Leia is included it
    will be a big commitment… if they de-age her then they will be stuck
    having to do that for any future films she will no doubt show up in. If
    they were to recast we would already have heard

  8. I hope it ends with the one scenes where Jyn stands before the tie fighter
    and try to send the plans to the. Then they show the Tantive 4 it is
    attacked and there is an alert. They have the plans now and the
    stormtroopers attack them. Then it ends 😀 that would be a good and an epic

  9. that sounds like a possible ending…i dont think they will show jin erso’s
    path and where she ends up..i have a hunch she might be killed off towards
    the end of the film…

  10. I do hope they show Leia from behind, boarding Tontine IV with R2 in tow.
    She doesn’t even give him the plans until they are being attacked, which is
    in ANH.

  11. I’m basically on board with what you said. I think leia will be mentioned,
    but not actually shown. prob a brief glimpse of Tantive IV and the star
    destroyer in chase- cut! 50/50 on R2 appearing seeing how he was already on
    board during the pursuit

  12. In “A new hope” C3PO says that their last owner was Captain Antilles, I
    guess we’ll see him getting the plans and then the Tantieve IV departs, so
    Rogue One ends just before Episode IV.

  13. If this was just moments before a new hope, there’s no way they would have
    a younger Princess Leia. There may be a reference like the emperor but no

  14. Short scene showing the download was successful and a brief glimpse of
    Leia, R2, and C3PO on the tantive speeding away as some serious hurt is
    brought down on Jyn and her crew. Perfect now pop in a new hope. I am just
    hoping they show Vader at the end get his ass kicked to explain why he is
    so slow and weak against old Ben in a new hope!

  15. What if the main characters in rogue one at the end of the movie are on
    Alderaan or on their way to Alderaan to meet up with Leia or something
    because it would be safer to split up or something and they eventually did
    arrive on the planet some time during what would be the beginning part of a
    new hope? Even if it was just referenced that they were headed there? Or if
    they knew that Leia was captured and went to Alderaan to alert the Organas
    or any rebels there? It would sort of be a sad ending, but it might help to
    explain or tie up why they weren’t in any other movies or even mentioned.
    If they were on Alderaan during a new hope, you can guess what happened to
    them. A lot of people have been speculating what the fate of the characters
    would be and I feel this would be a good way to tie up the story. What do
    you think?

  16. Hey mike! I think it will end with death Vader on the board of the star
    destroyer and an officer comes up and says we’re approaching the vessel
    now. Jinn and co. Are already captured or dead so we never see them again
    but I want it to end on the empire side of things with them after the
    rebels successfully send off the stolen plans

  17. As always, fine videos. I would really enjoy an ending featuring the Rebel
    Blockade Runner with the Star Destroyer right behind it… a front view.


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