Rogue One A Star Wars Story Darth Vader Meditation Chamber?

Today we explore the possibility of Rogue One A Star Wars Story featuring a scene with Darth Vader in his Meditation Chamber as one of the scenes to be used sparingly. I think it would be an amazing call back and also an amazing way to let new fans know that this character is indeed human.


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  1. I can’t wait to see this movie. New characters will show the rebellion was
    much bigger then just Luke, Han, Chewbacca, ect, ect. I would love to see
    the characters from Disney XD’s Star Wars Rebels. This new movie would be a
    great time to bring back Heyden as Anakin.

  2. Great theory and was listening to a POD Cast just yesterday that addressed
    the opportunity to garner new fans with Rogue One, yet what you are
    suggesting is a fresh idea to link the film with the iconic figure of Darth
    Vader to capture the hearts and imaginations of new fans. At 17 years old
    I watch him step through the door of the Blockade Runner and I was hooked
    for life. This would be a great opportunity to get new fans into the fold
    if they use Vader the same way (ANH – 18 mins of film time?)!

  3. i hope we will see a litle more anakin, like he is still there. uknow, we
    can get a glims of what luke sees in him rather what we have been seening
    of him, a fucking war machine

  4. Definitely looking forward to Vader’s scenes the most, the ATAT (ATAC)
    battle sequence, new stormtroopers and droids, a great story and fine

  5. Would be cool to see him fight, in battle. It’s only a few years after
    episode 3, so it would make sense.
    TK-41066/TB-41066, out…

  6. Such a lame ass reveal of Vader in the trailer. Someone should over dub it,
    when they flash to Vader instead of breathing he should be whistling lol,
    like, nothing to see here move along, move along. Lord Vader deserves soooo
    much more than back of his head shot with no build up leading to him. It
    was like this awesome trailer and when all the steam was let out at the end
    they were like-oh ya Vader head is cool too.


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