Revell Imperial Star Destroyer Star Wars Rogue One Review Build 85-1638

Revell Imperial Star Destroyer Star Wars Rogue One Review Build 85-1638

A new entry into the Star Wars model kit collection!



  1. great kit..great improvement from the revell one from yonks ago..are the
    legs a bit of a revell invention as i dont remember ever seeing one land

  2. Super Chris, I think the age group that Revell targets with these kit’s, is
    a super way to get the younger crowd interested, yet for us old timer’s,
    affordable and a challenge to turn it into a nice shelf display and just
    have fun with something.

  3. I have never weathered a model before.
    How do I do a “panel line wash?”
    I would like to add a grey color to all those lines like you did. Do you
    have a tutorial video? Or links that might help an amateur like me?

  4. Another great kit review Chris! This beats the crap out of the old MPC kit
    just with all the panel lines alone. Then, THEN you get all the other added
    detail!! Oh Yeah!!
    Produces a few challenges if you want to light it. I would replace the
    light and sound module and add flickering LEDs and close up the holes in
    the bottom!! Buy, overall a far better detailed kit!!
    Thanks for the show and tell!!!

  5. People complain about Revell Star Wars kits but I think they are excellent
    and a great into to modelling for the younger generation.

  6. Looks good to me. And nothing here that a more advanced modeller can’t fix
    with a little filler putty. And I wouldn’t be surprised is someone releases
    resin and photoetch detail parts in the near future.

  7. Great review,that kit is going to sell out fast,it,s going to look awesome
    when someone adds photo etch to it,and then lighting it will be very


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