Power Rangers VS Voltron | DEATH BATTLE!

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Two teams. Two Robots. Only one survives in this special 75th episode of Death Battle!

Wiz/Showrunner: Ben B. Singer
Boomstick: Chad James
Writer: Nick Cramer
Lead Animator: Torrian Crawford
Video Editor: Gerardo Mejia
Sound Designer: Noel Wiggins
Casting/Recording: Sound Cadence Studios
Composer: Brandon Yates

Jason: Alejandro Saab
Allura: Amanda Lee
Zack: Andre Meadows
Lance: Austin Hargrave
Billy: Jeff Fabre
Keith: Matthew Patrick
Kimberly: Melonie Mac
Trini: Morgan Berry
Hunk: Nick Landis
Pidge: Scott Frerichs
Battle Announcer: Chris Guerrero

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  1. Wow, Ace vs Natsu? Ace died by a punch, and Natsu survived a continent-destroying dragon breath. Not to mention Ace is not immune to flames, whereas Natsu is. Natsu EATS fire. Ace merely manipulates fire (and died by a fire punch). This is gonna be a curbstomp battle.

  2. To the Ranger’s credit, they did manage to maim their opponent, not many Death Battle losers have been able to do that.

  3. Here are some death battles I would like to see
    Eleven (stranger things) v.s x23 Laura (Logan)
    Australia v.s New Zealand
    Sniper (Tf2) v.s Widowmaker (overwatch)
    Death battle royal= Meganium v.s Typhlosion v.s Feraligatr pokemon gen 2 starters
    And just for the Lols
    Sporticus (lazy town) v.s captain underpants

  4. Even if the Megazord did end up losing you still redeemed yourselves with this amazing battle ScrewAttack! But one issue i still have is, you should really, really, REALLY stop mistaking travel speed with fighting speed, its not about who can travel faster its about who can fight at a faster pace. Voltron maybe still wins in that category but idk

  5. lol im team power rangers but i know voltron fairly well. yeah i knew the megazord was toast well before the video. they didn’t even go into the fact that the voltron crew is made up of trained soldiers(as a specific point that is), or that the individual lions have far more combat potential then the individual zords as well as experience using them effectively as such (yeah, in Voltron the lions actually exist for reasons other than to just form the big bot). also the fact that yeah… Voltron had way more bs plot convenience abilities then the megazord, which while it doesn’t lack bs plot convenience abilities in any way… pales next to voltron

  6. The Defender of the Galaxy VS the Defender of the Earth? Really obvious winner here folks. Things would have been better if the lions ripped apart Megazord limb by limb… (whooops, I guess that’s too savage, hehehe)


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