Power Rangers Ninja Steel Toys And Legendary Ninja Power Stars At New York Comic Con

Legendary Ninja Power Stars are announced at New York Comic Con!

Power Rangers Ninja Steel toyline will include 100 Power Stars from the upcoming season as well as Legendary seasons (Super Megaforce, Alien Rangers, Zeo, and Turbo).

Ninja Steel Megazord, Ninja Star Morpher, and DX Star Blade were also featured at the booth.

What are your thoughts on the Power Rangers Ninja Steel toys?

All-new episodes of Power Rangers Dino Super Charge air on Nickelodeon. Saban’s Power Rangers Movie and Power Rangers Ninja Steel premiere in 2017. The Power Rangers (2017 Movie) Trailer also premiered today!

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  1. I wish Ninja Steel Megazord has 2 modes as a megazord, and I wish in
    Ninninger can take off the round Shurikens. Wait, Ninja Steel Megazord,
    come on bandai, I wish you can call, SHURIKEN MEGAZORD, thats what I want
    to name it. I wish it’s closer to the original, Shurikenjin from Shuriken
    Sentai Ninninger, because Shurikenjin is my favorite of Ninninger toy line
    at all.

  2. I’m dead serious wish that bandai america makes bigger helmet on top of
    Shuriken Megazord’s (Ninja Steel Megazord’s) head!

  3. Alright, this is getting annoyed. Why on earth has a new Ninja Starizer
    made with Super Megaforce in it when I know, and everyone else doesn’t
    know, that Super Megaforce is still a failure by having the unused super
    sentai suits which it should never ever been used?

  4. Either way, nobody, I repeat, NOBODY Celebrates the 5th anniversary of
    Super Megaforce in 2019, because I seriously dislike Super Megaforce for
    the past 2 years.

  5. So what’s up with the Super Megaforce shuriken? Why not use another
    anniversary season instead of that?

    Alot of people have bad memories about it, so i’m sure it would’ve been
    better if it was Wild Force or Operation Overdrive instead.


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